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Payne misses the Ashes due to all cricket “absent”-Cricket Tasmania

The Tasmanian cricket team said on Friday that Tim Payne will miss the Ashes series against England during all cricket “absences” after the ticket inspector stepped down from the Australian captain due to the “sexy texting” scandal. A week later.

The state association stated in a brief statement that Paine will not be able to play for the “foreseeable future.”

“This summer, Tasmanian Cricket will continue to support Tim and his family both professionally and personally,” it said.

The Payne scandal will be a distraction during the Ashes: Ponting

Nathan Lyon (Nathan Lyon): I would rather be the leader song than the captain

Since he was investigated four years ago for sending pornographic text messages to a former Tasmanian cricket team female cricket employee, after his resignation, speculation about Penn’s position on the Australian testing team has been widespread.

Paine was not guilty in the 2018 investigation, but said on Friday that he did not want this to affect Australia’s preparations for the ashes.

Former Australia captain Rich Ponting said this week that Penn’s choice of Ashes would still distract the team. Paine’s teammates said they hope he can stay with him.

The first test against England will begin in Brisbane on December 8.

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