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Ottawa 67’s lit by the elevated Peterborough Petes

This week, when the Anaheim Ducks announced that they would move forward, Peterborough Peters made headlines Mason McTavish Back to the Ontario Hockey League. He has not yet made his debut, and the Ottawa 67 team does not have to deal with him on Sunday afternoon, but it is safe to say that Peters has some extra motivation in the game. The 67 team lost the first two games and hopes to avoid being swept over the weekend, but this will prove to be a daunting challenge. They score early, and often, Finally lost 9-3 In a game, they can’t get rid of their way. It was an extremely difficult weekend, and for the first time in a long time, they became the victims of a weekend mopping up.

67’s Feed Petes Chances

From the beginning of the game, 67 people made mistakes on the entire ice. Just three minutes after the game, they had already conceded two goals and went to the penalty area once. Once the bleeding begins, the only thing that can stop it is the last buzzer.

“It’s so easy for them to go online,” said Dave Cameron, the head coach of the 67ers. “We fed it today. Peterborough played a great game and certainly didn’t let them lose anything, but we didn’t help ourselves today.”

Pitts’ excellent players spent a day in the game against 67 young players.Big day from Joe Carroll, JR Avon and Emmett Sproule kept Ottawa chasing their tails all day, which allowed some of their young players to participate in major competitions.The most impressive of them are Nick Ladis, Sam Alfano and Tucker Robertson.

Sam Alfano, Peterborough Peters (Ken Andersen/Peterborough Peters)

“This is definitely a tough weekend, you never want to lose three games in a row,” said veteran Kamtornai. “I think we played better this weekend. There are also games like ours [game against Mississauga] We lost the game 3-0, but we did not participate in the game at all. I just think that some untimely punishments and disciplines are a big deal for us now. We are accepting some punishments that we can avoid. “

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In this game, 67 people stayed away from their game. They can’t hold the ball in the offensive zone, they can’t switch back to the defensive zone, they don’t get good goalkeepers, and they never create opportunities on offense. For the team, returning to their hockey brand is the key.

“We just need to have a good start and play our game well,” Tornay says“When we are doing a good job proactively and we are rolling the line, we are a difficult team to fight against. The offense is coming. It’s not that we score six goals every night, We are a team that will hone the game and win low-scoring games. Just play our game and stick to what we know.”

67’s tough weekend

For 67 people, a very difficult weekend has a lot to do, but not everything is negative. Their three-game losing streak brought many positive factors, especially in the away game against North Bay Camp and the Sudbury Wolves.

In North Bay [we played] A really good game,” Cameron said. “We went to the North Bay and played very well, leading 1-0 late in the third quarter, they scored a powerful goal, and they finished third. indivual. This game brought a lot of good things. Into Sudbury And there is a very good first period.We waited until they scored with four minutes left in the first quarter, but I don’t think they have [scoring] Chance. We had a chance but didn’t get a chance. Our penalty kick in the second quarter exhausted us, and then it became a bit nonsense. “

Dave Cameron, 67 years old, Ottawa
Dave Cameron, head coach of the Ottawa 67ers (Frankie Benvenuti/hockey writer)

“This is an opportunity,” he continued. “We left two games, but we spent the night in Sudbury and went home on Saturday, so it was not a difficult day. We came here today and this is an opportunity for our young people. When I watch When it came to the goal and the mistakes we made, we fed it. Peterborough went online and they played very fast. For some young people, I think they have realized how good this league is.”

This kind of weekend happens to teams, especially those teams that are rebuilding. The success at the beginning of the season may make rebuilding difficult to see, but it is happening.The losing streak really changed Things on the standings And their eighth place Top 10 CHL It will definitely disappear, but it shouldn’t be a wake-up call now. This will definitely happen eventually, and the injury situation helps.

67’s injury

Now, the 67 team has many key veteran players missing due to injuries, and they have to play with some young players more often than they hoped. They have reached the point where another injury or suspension requires them to call someone because the entire scratch list is either injured or suspended.

“Thomas Johnston was back for about a while,” Cameron said. “[Adam] Varga, I think it’s more everyday, I think [Jack] Baker It’s every week. [Ranvir] Gill-Shane may be closer to daily work. “

Jack Baker Ottawa 67s
Jack Baker, Ottawa 67s (Josh King / Hockey Writer)

“When an older player is injured, you are forced to play a younger player, but this is an opportunity for them,” Cameron said. “I don’t think they have seized enough opportunities.”

Of course, this situation forces young players to play a more important role, but it also puts more pressure on the remaining veterans. Their leadership role has expanded and there are so many young faces around, but their reliance on offense has always existed.

“You just need to play your game,” Tornay said. “You have to help those young people to establish their roles, because in the end, they will become the leaders of the team. This is just an opportunity for those people now, especially the forwards, because we have injury issues and some suspensions, so I think it’s only a temporary calm, and we must start again next weekend.”

Young 67 years old

As all veterans have disappeared, the young people are under pressure to come forward and become leaders faster than expected. Chris Barlas, Will Gerrior, and Brady Stonehouse have all been praised by their coaches and teammates, and have played their best hockey in the past week or so, especially Barlas, who has always been the best in Ottawa despite very few points. One of the forwards.

“Barras has always been our true competitor,” Cameron said. “Will Grelio He played his best hockey in the past few games. I think they all played better, I think no one has regressed, but part of coaching young people is to protect them. When you are under-represented, it is sometimes difficult to do this. “

Chris Ballath, Ottawa 67 years old
Chris Ballas, Ottawa 67’s (Frankie Benvenuti/ Hockey Writer)

“I think Chris Ballas really played a more important role in the team,” Tornay said. “I think he is leading our team now. He is playing a physical game. He may be the smallest forward core in the league, so he has joined the physical aspect Brady Stonehouse, and also. I think these two guys bring vitality to our team that we don’t have now. “

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Throughout the season, we have seen their young players play a high-level game, but when they are under the pressure of performance, some people have stepped up to meet the challenge. For those who fail to do it, it just shows that they are not ready yet. As Cameron said, everyone is moving forward and no one is moving back. When they bring the veterans back, everyone will be better because of it.

It may be tougher next weekend

It’s hard to imagine that 67 people will have a harder weekend, but this may be the case.along with Capital Challenge From next weekend, they will lose Ballas (white team) and Luka Pinelli (red team) because they will play against each other (and black team) and the women’s national team. If they don’t let some injured players come back, then there may be some call-ups.When you see, things become more interesting Colin Mackenzie Due to obvious injuries and leaving the game late, they are left with Wilc Langley for the time being. We may see some new faces in the team next weekend, unless the trainer has some kind of magic wand that can be waved immediately to health.

I am currently a journalism student at Algonquin College in Ottawa. I have always been passionate about OHL, especially the 67 people in Ottawa. I have participated in competitions since I was a child, and it has always been my dream to participate in sports. Sports writing fits this perfectly. You can also find me talking about and writing about other sports (mainly Canadian football) on my website!

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