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Oilers trade target on Seattle Kraken

The Seattle Krakens are last in the Western Conference and last in the Pacific Division by long-range shooting. After building what they believed to be a competitive team focused on stopping the hockey, the first season didn’t go as planned. edmonton oilers, still in a playoff berth despite losing 11 of his past 13 games, has plenty of time to rectify issues and take advantage of a Kraken team that’s sure to be a seller at the trade deadline.

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Oilers can address any or all of their needs with a single team. While that’s unlikely, the team still has four possible players that could not only improve this season but also prepare for the future.

gacrock street

The first player who could solve the Oilers striker’s problem was gacrock street. He can play wing or center, but if the Oilers decide to target him, he’ll likely be used as a third-line center.

Calle Jankrok, Seattle Kraken (Amy Owen /hockey writer)

Jankrok got off to a rough start at Kraken — struggling to score in a still-changing roster while dealing with COVID-19 and injuries. He has five points in his first 19 games of the season, but has really picked up in the past three games. He has scored two goals and five points in his last three games, while he has played significantly more, two of them past the 18:00 ice time. He won’t see the same amount of time in Edmonton if Conor McDavid and Leon Dresser are traded at the center of the front two lines, but he could even be in the top six Move in the name and play sideways.

Garcroque Leading the way in December For Seattle, he led the team with seven points in seven games and was one of seven Kraken players to finish the month with a plus-minus. The experience he brings at age 30 — not just in the regular season but in the playoffs — will be a welcome addition to the Oilers locker room looking for answers.

Jankrok is an unrestricted free agent (UFA) after this season, earning just $2 million a year. It won’t break the bank, and the asking price won’t be huge, but the Oilers would have to include a player, likely a forward, to get the deal done. If he continues to improve his performance, the costs will go up, but so should the rewards.

Mark Giordano

To make things clear, Mark Giordano There are 19 teams with no-trade clauses.It’s only if he doesn’t choose to give up and traded to any competitor Trying to win the Stanley Cup. He’s nearing the end of his career and no one knows how many more chances he’ll have while still maintaining a high enough level.

Mark Giordano, Seattle Kraken
Mark Giordano, Seattle Kraken (Amy Owen /hockey writer)

One of the positions to tackle is left-back – the second/third pair to be exact. The Oilers have had a lot of injuries this season, with players entering COVID protocols from the left side of the defense. This forces teams to use multiple players to fill vacancies. The list includes Slater Kirk Kirk, Chris Russell, Marcus Nimelainen, William Ragson and Dmitry Samorukov.

This screaming escalation, who is better than a veteran who can rely on defense to pair with Tyson Barry or Evan Bouchard. That would allow the Oilers to cut down on Darnell Nurse’s minutes before he completely burns out and provide a solid partner for the offensive-minded right-handed defender.

Since Giordano earned $6.75 million, the salary cap must be retained. The Oilers could also send back one of Russell or Cork in a trade to free up that roster. Giordano will be a UFA after this season, so if the Oilers feel they can step up at left-back and compete this season, the veteran might return to Alberta.

Chris Drigg

Chris Drigg Haven’t played a lot of games this season to really give him a fair shot. Although Kraken’s starting keeper Philipp Grubauer wasn’t much better, they ran with him more due to several injuries and a poor performance from Driedger.

Kraken did sign him for another two seasons at $3.5 million per season, but the team had to ask if they were spend too much on goalkeeper This is the weakest position on their team. The team also has Joey Dakod, who seems to be going well and even has some action this season, with a brief vacancy. If they decide to sell part of Dreg, even though his stock is a bit low based on his performance, a two-year deal would be tempting for some teams, including oil who are looking for a young and talented solution people team.

Chris Derejee Seattle Kraken
Chris Drigg, Seattle Kraken (Amy Owen /hockey writer)

One issue that may arise is the 10-team no-trade clause in Derejee’s contract. But if he sees what the goalie is like and his chances of being No. 1 on a team that can usually get goal support at the other end, the Oilers probably won’t be on that list.

Dreg’s 0.892 save percentage (SV%) and 3.49 field goal average (GAA) won’t make an immediate impact in Edmonton, but he’s had a terrific run in Florida with a 21- 8-4 record, four suspensions, 2.07 GAA and .931 SV% in two seasons. Mikko Koskinen and a few extras, both draft picks and prospects, are likely costs due to the money and deadlines left by the Dreg trade.

Ryan Donato

A fourth and very cheap option that the Oilers might be interested in acquiring is Ryan Donato. He became Kraken’s late signer for $750,000. His contract expires at the end of the season, but the 25-year-old remains a restricted free agent, and anyone who trades for him has the option to renew if he performs.

Donato was a surprise for the Kraken, scoring eight goals and 13 points in 28 games while playing six minutes for the league’s bottom team. That kind of performance from deep players is something the Oilers have lacked this season and has been for a long time. Donato is averaging less than 12 minutes and 30 seconds per game, so if he plays a third or fourth line on the wing or at center, he can still be useful. (From “Analysis: Kraken Adds Ryan Donato Could Shake Top Six”, Seattle Times, September 13, 2021)

With a $750,000 contract, Donato is fighting every game for an opportunity to continue making life in the NHL a permanent fixture. His career isn’t over yet, he’s young and hungry, still looking for his payday. During contract years, you usually see players step up their game.

It’s not just this season that Donato could be an effective player in the Oilers’ bottom six due to his hard work and scoring ability. After breaking into the league with the Boston Bruins, scoring nine points in 12 games, he has at least 20 points over the next three seasons and is working to do so again. In Edmonton, the back six usually don’t play as much as other teams’ back six, so that doesn’t change what he’s doing now for four different teams in four seasons. (From “After leaving home state of Massachusetts, Kraken’s Ryan Donato wants to find a home in Seattle”, Seattle Times, September 1, 2021)

Any of those four players could be the missing piece for Edmonton. It might not just be a deal, but a fresh start or a wake-up call to the Oilers players can do the same trick. The Oilers are still in the game and have a long season ahead.

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