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Oilers trade target on Columbus Blue Jackets

This edmonton oilers They are very competitive in the playoffs and if they can turn things around quickly after this long break, they will definitely be looking to finish the game meet the needs of the season. More obvious needs include goalkeepers, left-backs and third-line centers or scoring forwards.

The Columbus Blue Jackets could provide the Oilers with all options except defensive players, as the pool of options in the available players wouldn’t be an upgrade. After a surprising and respectable start to the season, the Blue Jackets have begun to slide down the standings, going 3-6-1 over their past 10 games. They’re probably the toughest division in the NHL and need to be serious about contender entry.

Whether it’s getting closer to the trade deadline or getting more value from pending free agency earlier, the Oilers should keep an eye on the Blue Jackets for improvement this season.Frank Seravalli flagged all three players below as Replacement for blue jacket.

Max Domi

Of these three possibilities, Max Domi The biggest impact can be through his physicality and the rebound season he’s integrating. Just three years into his 72-point season as a member of the Montreal Canadiens, he may not be capable of reaching that level again, but his scoring and confidence have returned.

Domi may also no longer be a top-six talent or worth the $5.3 million he owes him this season, but he’s proven to be a very effective third-line player who can score and provide toughness that the Oilers roster as a whole. What it lacks. Domi is tied for sixth on the team in scoring and three minutes below his career average on ice.

Max Domi, Columbus Blue Jacket (Jess Starr/hockey writer)

In Edmonton, Domi ranks fifth among forwards in scoring (16) and fifth among teams in goals scored (8). What makes this very appealing is that he does it all with balanced power and that’s another area where the Oilers need to improve because they’re so reliant on their strength to play and the overall strength of the league is going down. .

Domi can play center or wing and is very effective in the mid-six, presumably Edmonton’s third-line role. The Blue Jackets will have to keep his salary because the Oilers don’t have much work to do, but he could get a higher draft pick or a B-level prospect if he continues to play in the next few months.

Jack Roslovich

Jack Roslovich It might come as a surprise to those who haven’t paid close attention to the Blue Jackets, but for the young player, it’s been days and nights from last season to this season. Last season, we saw him emerge as the most impressive player in the deal in a trade between the Blue Jackets and the Winnipeg Jets.

Roslovic scored 29 points in the first 35 games of the 2020-21 season, then finished the season with 34 points in 48 games. His minutes per game are 16 minutes and 54 seconds, compared to 12 minutes and 22 seconds this season, which is a huge drop. So far, he has only scored 5 goals and 14 points in 32 games. Like Domi, Roslovic has averaged all of his points, so it’s an added bonus if he joins the Oilers.

Jack Roslovich Columbus Blue Jacket
Jack Roslovic, Columbus Blue Jacket (Jamie Sabau/NHLI via Getty Images)

Topline minutes may have been a stretch early in his career, but for Roslovic, six minutes in midfield is reasonable. In Edmonton, he can center in the third line and has the ability to move to the wing. As a restricted free agent, he’s a very affordable $1.838 million for the remainder of the season. If the Oilers were to acquire him, depending on his performance, they could choose to re-promote him. Roslovic is only 24, so there’s still time to see what kind of player he fits in.

Jonas Corpisalo

As for the goalie, any potential seller has been targeted by the Oilers, Jonas Corpisalo include. As the Blue Jackets determine their future net worth by signing Elvis Merzlikins to a five-year, $5.4 million annual (AAV) contract, Kerr Pizarro is a strange man.

As his performance in the 2020 playoffs has shown, he has shown signs of being able to make big strides when it matters.He started 9 games and maintained a save percentage (SV%) of 0.941, also making the Most saves in a game 85 in NHL history.

This season will definitely be better, but you also have to think about what kind of team to play in front of him. At this point, there should be better network options, it’s just a matter of price and willingness to pay. Korpisalo’s .904 SV% is much better than it’s shown this season, and it wouldn’t hurt to change the environment.it is they will probably move him If nothing else comes up before the deadline, the Oilers can buy it at a low price.

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The Oilers will likely spend more on a high-end goalie or linebacker, making the Blue Jackets’ cheaper option of available forwards a good option if they feel compelled to address the situation. With Ken Holland recently saying he doesn’t want to deal rentals, Domi or Corpisalo may have to turn into a sign and trade if he even considers them.

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