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Oilers should avoid Matt Murray at all costs

After Matt Murray Senator of Ottawa In the game last night was a healthy scratch, which sparked speculation that the team has ended him and will continue Anton Forsberg Keep going with Filip Gustavsson. Elliott Friedman suggested that the senator would abandon Murray. Now something happened.

The team’s goals Edmonton Oilers It’s already a bit off-Mike Smith has been injured since the third game of the season and was recently placed in the long-term injury reserve team. Both Mikko Koskinen and Stuart Skinner managed to navigate the waters to help Edmonton stay on track and win the race. There is no point in asking Murray to waive the exemption, and it doesn’t make much sense to trade for him.

Downhill trajectory since winning the back-to-back cup

When starting his career, Murray performed poorly at the end of the short season with the Pittsburgh Penguins in the 2015-16 season, and finished fourth in the 2016-17 Calder Trophy vote. He scored 32-10 in the regular season. -4 results obtained. When he intervenes, his value is truly reflected Marc-Andre Fleury In his first season of the playoffs, he scored 15-6 with a save rate (SV%) of 0.923 and an average number of goals (GAA) of 2.08, helping them win the first in team history. Four Stanley Cups.

After an incredible rookie season in 2016-17, he won the net midway through the playoffs and helped the team win their second back-to-back cup championship with 0.937 SV%, 1.70 GAA, and 7-3. . Three passes.

Senator Matt Murray Ottawa
Senator Matt Murray of Ottawa (Richard A. Whittaker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Since then, once they enter the playoffs, he and the team have become different. Since winning the Stanley Cup, Murray has a 7-12 record, and two of the three seasons have SV% below 0.910.

Murray’s performance in the 2018-19 season was quite stable. After Fleury left the Vegas Golden Cavaliers, his first season as a starter in the 2017-18 season fell in statistics for a year and achieved With 29 victories, 0.919 SV%, 2.69 GAA and four lockouts. Murray has no buffer like a veteran goalkeeper, allowing him time to re-establish his game in any adversity. It has been the same story ever since. He has always been regarded as the number one goalkeeper in Pittsburgh and Ottawa, but he is struggling more and more.

Murray’s last season in Pittsburgh was after he hit 0.899 SV% in 38 games. Since signing a four-year agreement with the senator, his data will only get worse. Of course, this team is not as good as the Penguins, but many goalkeepers do better under worse circumstances, and hardly do as much as he does.

Yes, GAA is more like a statistic influenced by the team, but he has seen this figure far exceed 3.00 GAA in his two seasons in Ottawa. His SV% also dropped Even below 0.899, it dropped to 0.893 and 0.890 in five games this season. The Senators gave him plenty of opportunities. With Forsberg and Gustafson both knocking on the door to get more playing time, Murray’s days of wearing the Senators jersey may be over, whether he is The team is still playing in the minor team. The senators want to save what they have left this season.

Terrible cap hits and unattractive terms

Maybe if Murray’s contract expires at the end of the season, the Oilers will even consider joining him. But in two more years, with an average annual value (AAV) of $6.25 million, I don’t think any team that wants to compete in the next few seasons will be willing to take the risk and eat this contract.

Money invested like that is best supported by excellent, consistent data, and in a struggling team, he is a healthy catcher. The more you look at Murray’s contract, the worse it gets. He owes him 7 million U.S. dollars next season and 8 million U.S. dollars next season. With the revised no-deal clause for the 10 teams, it can even make it almost impossible to trade him. Abstentions or buyouts may be the only way for senators to get rid of the terrible signing.

Oilers have many other options to move on

Koskinen’s contract was completed after the end of the season, with a salary of $4.5 million, which would free up a goalkeeper position and a lot of money to make a net profit for the Oilers in the future. There are many options, Not only through the upcoming 2022 free agent market, but also through trading.

Some teams have selected their starters, which expiration of the 1B goalkeeper’s contract to test the waters of free agency. Examples in this regard include Joonas Korpisalo and Alexandar Georgiev, but their data this season does not indicate that they will be the long-term net goal solution for the Oilers hoping to compete for the Stanley Cup.

The situation with the Washington Capitals, Boston Bruins, Dallas Stars, and New York Islanders is interesting because they are still deciding what to do with more than one first goalkeeper in their team or system. Ilya Samsonov may have to make a decision against Vitek Vanecek soon, but we may have caught a glimpse of who the Capitals prefer, because Samsonov is a protected goalkeeper in the extended draft and his record is 8-0-1 this season.

this The Bruins may be in a tough situation If Tuukka Rask decides to return to the NHL. It is not certain whether he will rejoin the Bears, but many people believe that this is indeed the case. Then the team will have Jeremy Swayman (Jeremy Swayman), he is ready to become a full-time NHL player, Linus Ullmark (Linus Ullmark), the team has just signed with him for four years, maybe There is also Lasker.

Tuukka Rask Boston Bruins
Tuukka Rask, Boston Bruins (Jess Starr/Hockey writer)

The star team has four NHL-level goalkeepers, namely Ben Bishop, Braden Holtby, Anton Khudobin and Jake Oettinger, so in fact, even one person will be moved this season. At the same time, the islanders found their future first place in Ilya Sorokin, which made Semyon Varlamov a sacrifice to help other members of their team bring back good returns.

Jim Parsons even suggested Tristan Jarrie will be the target of Edmonton If the Pittsburgh Penguins have a big sale. This will solve the long-term problem because he is young and has played well this season. Unfortunately, his playoffs may change rapidly with changes in scenery or opponents.

Looking at the upcoming free agents, there are some good options, but some people may stay in their current team and be removed as targets for the Oilers. After this season, both goalkeepers of the Chicago Blackhawks are unrestricted free agents (UFA)-the problem is that this is not really a long-term solution, because Fleury is 37 years old, and Kevin Lan Keening is unproven this season and is struggling. Darcy Kuemper is also a UFA, but he may want to stay in Colorado with the team they formed. Jack Campbell and Holtby are the only other goalkeepers who can be upgraded immediately. Campbell will have a substantial salary increase, so the Oilers may be able to beat the Toronto Maple Leafs with limited cap space.

The Oilers are definitely testing the waters of available goalkeepers, but they should continue to give Skinner a chance and deal with Koskinning’s ups and downs until there are favorable factors that can help them in the short and long term. As the season progresses, if they don’t see a healthy Smith appear on the horizon, then it’s time to take action, but not through the acquisition of Murray.

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