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Oilers need Niemelainen, Broberg and Lagesson to stand up

Edmonton Oilers continue to suffer from injuries. Chris Russell He left the game against the Boston Bruins and did not return. Later, I heard from Dave Tippet that he thought the defensive team might miss some time.

“I have a feeling that he might miss some time.”-Dave Tippett on Kris Russell’s injury. #油工

This brings us back to the question of which young guard will have a place in the left lineup.The best option that has been tried recently is Philip Broberg, Was sent to the American Hockey League (AHL) just after Cody Sage was activated, as well as William Ragson.

Since Nimelainen looks like that Oilers chose In addition to the other two mentioned, expect his playing time to increase. Darnell Nurse Evan Bouchard (Evan Bouchard) ate a lot of minutes in the last game and they can continue to do so. This creates a little buffer for other young defensive players, allowing them to slowly adapt to the NHL and will not be surpassed or used.

Nimelainen is ready to take on a bigger role

After the league’s first blocker fell, another defensive player, Nimelainen, is likely to be asked to do more on his offense and penalty shots. This means trying to block more shots, and his already very physical game.That includes More time in key minutes When trying to defend the lead, because the nurse can’t play the whole game.

Saginaw Spirit, Marcus Nimelainen, OHL, NHL Draft
Marcus Nimelainen (Photo: Terry Wilson / OHL Images)

Before the injury, Russell played nearly 2 points in 7 minutes and 26 seconds on ice in the last game, while Nimelainen played 0 minutes and 02 seconds in the penalty shoot-out. Tyson Barry will not intervene and be required to play under staffed conditions, and Nimelainen is the most dependent and greatest defender available to the Oilers at any time. Therefore, the task of killing the second team’s penalty with Sisi fell on his shoulders.

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Ceci will relieve some of Niemelainen’s pressure, and I can even see a 5-on-5 pairing between the two. Barry seemed a little out of favor, being overtaken by Bouchard evenly. The torch relay may only be a matter of time, because the power quarterback will also pass. (“Evan Bouchard of the Oilers: Another multipoint game”, CBS Sports, December 4, 2021) Having said that, Barry and Broberg or Ragson should both enter the third pair and reduce the time on the ice to give Nimelainen more opportunities.

Initially starting the match with Barry, Nimelainen’s playing time quickly increased, and fans saw different defensive combinations for the remainder of the game. It really makes sense to pair Nimelainen with Barry because they play completely different ways, and Russell has experience playing higher in the lineup. However, with Duncan Keith and Slater Cookcock still missing due to injury, the Oilers have nothing to turn for.

Will we see a completely healthy Oilers defense again this season? It’s hard to say that they fell like flies, and half of Bakersfield’s defenders were asked to intervene.

The choice between Broberg or Lagesson?

This brings us to a question, who will enter the lineup and get more playing time in the next period of time, Broberg or Ragson?If I had to make an educated guess, I would choose Broberg, even though he Recently downgraded to AHLMy reason is that the Oilers would rather allow him to get as much ice time as possible to improve his game level at a professional level. Compared with the top playing time in the AHL, staying healthy in the NHL has less impact on his development and future.

Philip Broberg Oilers Draft
Philip Broberg, Edmonton Oilers, 2019 NHL Draft (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

Broberg played playing time before the nurse was out, so his upper limit and performance ability are higher than Rajson. When his playing time increases, he seems to be more engaged and play better, so he may partner with Ceci to become a more balanced last four defensive group. Things in the game may also change, depending on what Tippet sees from his players.

I don’t think the Oilers have allowed Rajson to belittle them in their future plans, so they are satisfied with him filling the roster as the seventh defender, even though he has played well in the four games he has participated in this season. He is slightly older than the potential players of the other Oilers that he competes with in the NHL and AHL, so he may be less important in the eyes of the team.

Although sometimes some players take longer to develop, especially defensive players, the oilers’ defensive depth looks much better than expected. The NHL experience gained by some of them can only help. Taking advantage of younger players in your organization who get into yourself faster is a reward, and Ragson doesn’t seem to have more opportunities in Edmonton.

In the next schedule, the Carolina Hurricanes and the Toronto Maple Leafs have several difficult opponents. The Oilers hope to figure out their defensive situation as soon as possible and return to the winning list as soon as possible.

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