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In today’s NHL rumors, now that Kailer Yamamoto has signed, there has been discussion about whether the Edmonton Oilers can include him and Jesse Puljujarvi in ​​their long-term plans. At the same time, New York Islanders may have too many contracts and may need to transfer potential customers. What is the latest situation with Vladimir Tarasenko? Will the Montreal Canadiens lose their prospects by refusing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine?

Can oilers keep only one of Kailer Yamamoto or Jesse Puljujarvi?

David Staples of the Edmonton Daily wrote that Yamamoto’s $1.175 million deal a year will certainly not cause problems this season, but he wants to know what will happen if Yamamoto rebounds in the 2021-22 season. . If he increases production, he may be concerned about the six-year contract of Drake Batherson and Joel Faraby, which is about $5 million per season.

Kailer Yamamoto, Edmonton Oilers, October 21, 2017 (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

If so, Staples thinks this may be problematic. He wrote:

The Oilers are pressed on the salary cap, and the salary cap space in the next few years will be very small. Connor McDavid, Darnell Nurse, Leon Dresettel, Ryan Nugent Hopkins are flat. Top hats and large contracts and long-term contracts, and Zach Hyman. Where does the Oilers have the money to pay for players like Yamamoto and Jesse Purjujarvi, if they have a big year, their current contract has expired? Good luck, Ken Holland. You will need it.

Source-‘Are all systems running? Yes. Edmonton Oilers and Yamamoto Keller signed a one-year contract”-David Staples-Edmonton Daily-09/18/2021

Staples said the Oilers may eventually have to sign either Yamamoto or Puljujarvi and trade the other.

The islanders are deadlocked in the contract and may lose their bellows

Although the salary cap does not seem to be a big issue, CapFriendly already has a list of New York Islanders with up to 23 players. This does not include the recently signed Zdeno Chara and Zach Parise. May be about to take action to make room.

Pro hockey rumors According to reports, one of the players worth paying attention to is Kiefer Bellos. The unsigned rookie is the kind of player who is in a bubble in such fierce competition, but if he does not make the main list, they will have to try to get him to give up through an exemption. If general manager Lou Lamoriello is unable to renew Bellows, or if he thinks others have a better chance on the list, then he may consider a potential deal.

Still with the Islanders, Chala discussed why he chose to sign with the team this summer, and said that he had been discussing with his family all summer about returning to the NHL for a year, and admitted that there are other teams interested in him. . He said: “We decided to go with the Islanders.” He is honored to be able to return to the team that selected him.

#Isles Chara said he was honored to be an islander again. Mentioned that he spent the summer discussing with his family for another year.

Tarasenko Trade Update

According to Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post, Blues general manager Doug Armstrong hopes that Tarasenko will remain a member of the team to start the NHL regular season. Out of respect for the players’ requirements, he will continue to consider trade options, but the team looks forward to the return of Tarasenko and his contribution.

Armstrong pointed out that the ideal situation is that Tarasenko made such a contribution that he changed his mind about the trade request. “I think my (hope) is that he will play so well that he doesn’t want to be traded,” Armstrong said with a smile. “And we don’t want to trade him.”

St. Louis Blues Vladimir Tarasenko
St. Louis Blues right wing Vladimir Tarasenko (AP Photo/Catherine Malone-Van Dijk)

As for whether he thinks Tarasenko’s return will make the locker room embarrassing, he responded:

“They are all masters. Our medical staff are professionals. Our players are professionals. Flady is a professional. So we just need to have a good season. He must have a good season. He wants to play a lot. To do this in 2016, he must let himself have a market. To do this, we must also be a good team for him.”

Source-“Armstrong expects Tarasenko to appear on the Blues’ opening day roster”-Jim Thomas-September 18, 2021

Due to lack of vaccination, Canadian Ylönen is out

According to a report From La Presse (Translated into English) Jesse Ylönen was not vaccinated against COVID-19 and therefore had to be quarantined after arriving in the country. Interestingly, the report states: “Ylönen was not vaccinated, “for his own reasons”. At the time of writing, we have not received a response from his agent to our email requesting clarification.”

Jesse Ilonen of Espoo United
Jesse Ilonen of Espoo United (Ilari Naker / Espoo United)

The NHL stated that if a player is infected with the virus, players who choose not to be vaccinated may be suspended without pay. What’s more interesting about Elon’s situation is that he is likely to be a member of the Laval Rockets, and his participation in the United States (22 of the 72 games) may have problems. If the federal quarantine does apply to professional hockey players, Ilonen may eventually miss 30% of Laval’s games.

It is not clear why he has not been vaccinated-past conditions or personal beliefs-but NHL Assistant Commissioner Bill Daley said he expects that by the start of the season on October 12, less than 15 players in the NHL will not be fully vaccinated Vaccines. The report did not indicate whether Elon plans to receive a vaccine.

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