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Oilers have 4 prospects ready to help this season

This edmonton oilers Already built a very solid potential client base for himself, playing in various leagues and developing well. They are not limited to one position as they have reinforcements throughout the lineup. We’ll be looking at options in the system that are most likely to fit the Oilers in a longer-term role next season, rather than a short-term opportunity to fill an injury.

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I’ve left Stuart Skinner out of this list because he has the most experience of any of the following players in the NHL and is a top pick again after his recent promotion to the Oilers. Usually each team’s system adds lineups late in the season to potentially give the team an edge. Here are the likely candidates for the Oilers this season.

Dylan Holloway

Dylan Holloway It’s the closest this season has come to making an impact on the Oilers. Interestingly, he’s the only prospect mentioned who hasn’t played in the NHL yet.Since he recovered from a pre-season injury and returned to the ice, he has practice with oil and restore game speed.

That doesn’t guarantee that he’ll be fit for the Oilers once he gets his medical, but it does mean that the Oilers want to bring him in sometime before the season ends to help with a season-ending push or playoffs. Holloway is a highly anticipated arrival who should have challenged for a spot on the Opening Day roster before his injury. The team may choose to send him back to the AHL to resume play before recalling him, but there is a longer practice period ahead of the game against the Ottawa Senators, so it makes sense to practice with him. Future top-level teammates.

Dylan Holloway, University of Wisconsin (Greg Anderson/UW Athletics)

He is a former first-round pick in the 2020 NHL draft and hopes to join Edmonton’s former first-round pick. Once he’s added to the lineup, the prediction is that Holloway will slot into the lineup’s middle six at the wing or, if the team thinks he’s ready, at the third-line center. They don’t want to bury him on the fourth line, they want him to play more minutes and go through some more intense games again, instead of playing 10 minutes a night on the fourth line.

Cooper Marody

Cooper Marody has done his best in the AHL after meeting his former teammate Ryan McLeod and Tyler Benson A year has passed, and his time is very close. From the start, Marodi dominated the AHL, scoring 58 goals and 145 points in 154 games (GP) in the 2018-22 season. His stats are very similar to Benson’s as he recorded 141 points in 156 GPs. Maybe a little biased thinking, since McLeod and Benson are Oilers draft picks and are younger, but Malody’s numbers speak for themselves. Sooner or later, if he doesn’t get a real chance in the Oilers’ NHL, he’ll want to take his talents elsewhere, where he’ll get better opportunities (from “Desperately looking for some good news, Oilers. Fans? Look no further than the Bakersfield Condors”, edmonton magazine, January 10, 2022).

Marody has now played in the NHL twice, the first in 2018-19, his stellar AHL season, where he scored 64 points in 58 games as a bonus and season-ending tryouts. It only lasted six games and he didn’t do much because it might be a little early for him. His second and most recent stint came before the Christmas break earlier in the season, when the Oilers’ players on the COVID-protocol got really hurt. He played a game and recorded his first NHL point. That’s all he does. He continues to dominate the AHL, and even if the Oilers don’t take much damage late in the season, we could see Marody shoot again at the end of the season. He could add some points, and we’ll likely see a reunion of the Benson, McLeod, Marody lineups that have been great in the AHL.

Marcus Nimelainen

Of all the call-ups this season, Marcus Nimelainen is arguably the most impressive and definitely the most surprising. The health of the back line, especially the Oilers’ left wing, has been a big concern this season. This has led to many of the young defenders developing in the AHL who may make the jump sooner than the Oilers would like.

We have seen Philip Broberg, Niemelainen, Willian Lagesson and Dmitry Samorukov All are playing in bigger situations than they should have when they started their careers in the NHL. Nimelainen is the best And showed everyone that his skills can be seamlessly transferred to the NHL. He uses his big man and is very strong, and we were immediately introduced to the same style of play by him during his time with the Oilers.

Marcus Nimelainen Edmonton Oilers
Markus Niemelainen, Edmonton Oilers (Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images)

If Nimelainen doesn’t get a call this season and proves he can be an option on the blue line with physical and defensive responsibility, it could be a few years before the Oilers really realize what they have. Nimelainen is likely to be sent back due to the stalemate in the defence before landing on the injured reserve. His size and physicality will be welcome. I have a strong feeling that the Oilers are thinking the same thing, and he’s going to see more action before the playoffs regardless of the injury.

Dmitry Samorukov

Another defense close to making it to the NHL is Samorukov. You might think that after his first game in the NHL, he would need more time to develop. I don’t think that’s the case because he was benched for two and a half times on his NHL debut and sent back to the AHL the next day A fire was lit under his feet He’s playing the best hockey of his career.

I’m not saying this treatment should be distributed to all potential clients who might need to play because it embarrassed Samorukov and the team. But it could be the spark he needs to be an impact player. Edmonton’s back end may not have much to call up, and now that teammate Nimelainen is back in the AHL, they’ll be competing and pushing each other for their next shot. Two years ago, Samorukov played a full season in the Continental Hockey League (KHL) against grown men and proved that he can play at a high level. He found it again in the AHL, and it’s showing.

All of these options may not have another chance this season, but the NHL is very unpredictable, especially at these times. Broberg and Xavier Bourgault are likely to be the top two on this list next season, and they’ll be able to make a real impact on the Oilers. Given their shooting opportunities, while they’re both still on the cheap, the Oilers have a chance to get skilled players to perform well on contracts that could give the team a better chance of winning.

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