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Oilers don’t need and can’t afford John Klingberg

Recent conversations have emerged John Klingberg requested from Dallas Star. Contract negotiations are ongoing, the organization can’t make much progress, which means his time in Dallas may be coming to an end. As a defender emerges, there will be talks and inquiries about his potential to be a target. edmonton oilers.

The Stars aren’t currently in the playoffs — mind you, the teams ahead of them still have games to play. However, there’s even a wild-card spot in the standings between them, and there are plenty of teams ahead of them. They are sixth in the Central League and 13th in the Western Conference. It will continue to be an intense game, and despite having won three in a row, they have hit .500 hockey in their last 10 games.

If we see them out of the playoffs, Klingberg is one Obvious trade candidate Get the star to trade, and the team will definitely call to see his price. The Oilers shouldn’t be one of them.There are many reasons why the Oilers should avoid a deal with Dallas over Klingberg unless it specifically involves sending out Tyson Barry back. We’ll go into more detail below.

The cost of Klingberg is not worth it

The demands on Klingberg will be high. He’s on lease, so a lot of times, the lease isn’t worth it at all, and then the team dumps them in free agency in the summer because they give up assets that have nothing to show. Loans are very risky unless a team is comfortable in a playoff berth. Even so, an injury or poor performance during an adjustment period can hamper a team’s development.

With an elite defensive player like Klingberg, Dallas wouldn’t let him go just because he asked for a trade. He will be asked by many teams because of his offensive ability and his ability at quarterback. That should push prices up and make it less attractive to trade his services in Edmonton.

John Klingberg Dallas Stars-Oilers don't need and can't afford John Klingberg
John Klingberg, Dallas Star (Jess Starr/hockey writer)

If Edmonton even considers calling Klingberg, the cost is likely to include a guard, a rookie and a draft pick. I think prospects will be on the defensive to hopefully replace what they will lose at Klingberg in the near future, although the Oilers have a lot more to offer in terms of future prospects.

For Edmonton, the only possible way to trade Klinberg is send barry another way contract and terms with him. Who knows if this will entice Dallas and allow Miro Heiskanen to play formidable power, but it will replace what they lost in more than two years at a cheaper price. The Stars could pair Barry with Esa Lindell to make up for most of Barry’s deficiencies in the game’s defense.

The money seems to be an issue for Dallas Klingberg, whose next contract should be around $6 million, less than Dougie Hamilton, but they are similar players in that regard. That will save them about $1.5 to $2 million over the next two seasons.

Klingberg will be deployed in either the first or second pair in Edmonton. But the question remains, will the Stars work for it? Did the Oilers have to give up something extra? If they have to give up a pick or a prospect who has the potential to play for the Oilers in the top half of the draft, I’d advise against it. That would solve the problem of paying two extra seasons for three pairs of defensemen to play strong games, but I’m sure there will be other suitors if the Oilers play Barry in the offseason.

Oilers don’t need more offensive-minded defenders

Barry’s trade aside, it wouldn’t make much sense if the Oilers just added Klingberg to what they already had. Klingberg is an offensive defensive player who plays on the right side. While it’s less likely to find a skilled right-shooting defender in the NHL than a left-shooting defender, the Oilers have more than enough.

John Klingberg Dallas Stars-Oilers don't need and can't afford John Klingberg
John Klingberg, Dallas Star (Jess Starr/hockey writer)

They signed Barry for three years for $4.5 million, with Evan Bouchard on his entry-level contract, but he has come a long way at the NHL level, and Cody Sethi (Cody Ceci) is more defensive minded. So, on the right side alone, the Oilers have three right-shooting defenders, two of whom can play power, and all have offense.

What the Oilers need is a defensive player who can play second or third pair on the left side. All three Oilers defenders mentioned above are perfectly correct defenders that would at least be a little out of place on the other side. I haven’t mentioned that if they go and pay to get Klingberg from the All-Stars, then the escalation of the defense will end, and the Oilers won’t get the lockout guard the team needs most.

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If the slide continues, the Oilers may need to make a change in the locker room soon.We’ll have to see how deep each of these teams is this season, but the Oilers should stick to focusing on Where they most need improvement in this season.

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