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There’s still plenty to talk about in today’s NHL rumors Evander Kane Will be a forward for the Edmonton Oilers, but that signing could be delayed. Indeed, Kane could face further legal issues, with an investigation into the player’s travel history underway. Meanwhile, the Tampa Bay Chargers and Boston Bruins are said to have pulled out of Kane’s lottery early. Speaking of the Chargers, their plan is said to be to remain relatively quiet at this year’s trade deadline. Finally, could the Toronto Maple Leafs be looking for defenseman John Klinberg?

Delaying possible Evander Kane signing

There are some potential issues with the Edmonton Oilers (or any other team) simply signing Kane after he becomes the UFA. The NHL is apparently investigating allegations that the former Sharks forward crossed the border immediately after testing positive for COVID, which could lead to another league suspension, not to mention real legal issues. If that happens, it will affect his availability to any team that signs him.

Evander Kane, San Jose Sharks, Oct. 9, 2018 (Amy Owen /hockey writer)

According to Frank Serravalli In the Daily Faceoff, the league sent a memo about Kane to all 32 teams. It noted that the NHL has launched an independent investigation into Kane’s cross-border travel during the holiday. They wanted to make sure his travel complied with applicable US and Canadian laws. If he doesn’t comply, he could not only be suspended again, but he could also face criminal investigation for giving false testimony and violating Canada’s federal quarantine laws. This could lead to jail time.

Oilers remain Kane’s favourite

According to TSN’s Shawn Simpson, while Tampa Bay sounds like it’s out of the race, “it sounds like Kane has been signed by Edmonton for $1.5 million. Technically Speaking of, he needs to sign a contract before any suspension starts.” While other reporters objected to a deal, Simpson added:

Another problem for the Oilers. You wouldn’t sign up for a contract now and find out he’s been suspended for the rest of the year. That would be a complete waste of money and cap space. Curious how long will the Coalition survey take?

Conor McDavey said in a media interview that he doesn’t care what adding Kane to the Oilers’ roster might imply. His job is to worry about winning, McDavid noted, “If the fans don’t like it, or the media doesn’t like it, or whatever…it’s what it is.” He added, “I think Evander is a great Players, you can help us a lot on the ice, that’s the most important thing.”

Head coach Dave Tippet said he wasn’t prepared to comment on a guy who hasn’t been on the team yet. He has bigger problems to worry about.

Lightning keeps quiet on deadline

It’s been said before, but reports suggest the Chargers don’t plan to be very active during this year’s NHL trade deadline. Joe Smith of The Athletic reports that GM Julian Brisbois Given their salary cap position, don’t think it’s going to be a busy time of year for the team.

Julien Brisebois Tampa Bay Lightning
Julien Brisebois, general manager of Tampa Bay Lightning (Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images)

He quotes BriseBois:

“This year, we don’t have cap space. None of us can send it to a minor without asking for a waiver, and none of our players will clear waivers. We legally have no cap space. If we want to add one Players, that means minus one player, all of our players are good players with good contracts and offer very good value. So it’s unlikely we’ll find a player that we can get, he’s better than us Any player that moves out brings more cap value.”

Source – “Five things we learned from Chargers GM Julien BriseBois, including why they dropped Evander Kane” – “Joe Smith – The Athletic – January 12, 2022

Bears aren’t taking Kane seriously

according to boston hockey now Jimmy Murphy, don’t expect him to fit in with the Boston Bruins if things go awry between Kane and the Oilers. Sources say the club has conducted at most one investigation, but the process has not gone very far.

Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy said general manager Don Sweeney did not negotiate with him about signing the former San Jose Sharks wing, and one would expect the general manager to first talk to his coach and some of the leadership team. Key members talk and then negotiate. decision.

Maple Leafs and Klingberg?

Sportsnet’s Luke Fox recently Suggests that the Maple Leafs aren’t a good fit for Kane, but also points to Dallas Stars defenseman John Klingberg Might be a good fit. Fox hinted that they could be interested if they can find enough cap space, noting that general manager Kyle Dubas is willing to spend big and get creative before the trade deadline.

Fox wrote:

Klimberg’s salary cap ($4.25 million) is a great value for what he brings: 34 points in 52 playoff games; decent size (6-foot-3, 190 pounds) ; and the ability to chew 22 minutes per night.The rental market won’t bring many defenders like Klingberg, Dubas wants to upgrade Justin Hall or Travis Dermot from his right. Klingberg’s speed, balance and hockey sense would complement Jack Muzin well.

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