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Oilers and Broberg can prove that the call of the doubters is wrong

In the past few years, the Edmonton Oilers have had success in the first round of the draft-Darnell Nass, Leon Dreset and Evan Bouchard-just to name a few . But when the team selected defensive player Philip Broberg with the 8th overall pick in the 2019 NHL Draft, he became a controversial choice among the fans.

When the Oilers made their selection at No. 8, the two highly regarded offensive prospects of Trevor Zeglas and Cole Caulfield were still on board and Many people feel that the team Will definitely choose one of the American prospects.However, the Oilers chose the skating Brobberg, and Zeglas will be selected to the Anaheim Ducks at the 9th overall pick, and Caulfield will lose to the Montreal Canadiens in the 15th point.

There has been increasing criticism of the Oilers’ decision to choose Broberg because Zegras and Caufield have already had an impact on the NHL. However, with Broberg’s recent call-up to the Oilers, the Swedish defender has the opportunity to show his doubters that the team made the right choice.

Broberg’s NHL road

When Broberg was selected Playing hockey Allsvenskan, The second highest league outside Sweden. He is a 17-year-old defensive player who scored 9 points in 41 games. In the Hlinka Gretzky Cup Championship in Edmonton in 2018, the Oilers got a glimpse of his talent when he scored three goals for the Swedish team in five games.

On December 26, 2018, at the International Ice Federation World Junior Championships in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Philip Broberg ranked 25th. Sweden played against Finland.
(Photo by Kevin Wright/Getty Images)

Last season, Broberg returned to the Swedish Hockey League (SHL) with Skelleftea AIK, where he spent a year of ups and downs. Broberg played for the Swedish team for the third time at the World Youth Championships (WJHC) in December 2020 and was named the team’s captain. He started his first game with 3 assists, but his knee injury will affect his games for the rest of the season. In addition, his injuries caused him to miss 10 games with Skelleftea AIK, and he was unable to gain traction for the rest of the year.

Zegras and Caufield have already had an impact on the NHL

Compare the other two rookies in the 2019 NHL draft-Zeglas did a great job in the U.S. Hockey League (USHL) draft year, but he added more stocks to the WJHC last year. He led the Americans to the gold medal, while leading the tournament with 18 points and was named MVP. He spent some time in the NHL last season, scoring 13 points in 24 games. His performance this season is even more impressive, scoring 6 goals and 4 assists in 16 games. On November 16, he faced Alex Ovechkin head-on in overtime. Bury the winner For ducks.

Like Zegras, Caufield has made some incredible achievements since being selected.He played for the University of Wisconsin in the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) (the same team as Oilers rookie Dylan Holloway) and won Hobby Baker Award, Awarded to the top NCAA men’s ice hockey player. After the college season, he joined his NHL team, he played an influence in the Canadians’ playoffs, scoring 4 goals and 8 assists. He started the season slowly-he was eventually relegated to the American Hockey League (AHL)-but he has since been recalled to the Canadians.

Broberg’s game made him recall the Oilers

This season, Broberg made an impressive start to the North American debut of the AHL’s Bakersfield Condors, contributing 10 assists in 13 games. He is playing in all situations and is excellent in terms of strength. His passing ability in men’s dominance is second to none, finding lanes for his shots and gaining offensive areas with speed (from “Lowtide: Philip Broberg is ready for his NHL audition,” Sports meeting, 11/19/21).

Due to injuries, Broberg’s outstanding performance at the beginning of the year won the call of the Oilers. Darnell Nurse And Slater Koekkoek.Last Saturday, the Swedish defender participated in his first NHL game. He remained calm under pressure-even in Ryan McLeodTarget. In the third quarter, he escaped a heavy blow from Chicago Blackhawks guard Eric Gustafson, and a moment later his own heavy blow knocked out Alex De Brinkart.

He played an excellent first game, played 14:24 time (TOI) on the ice, and even got from Dave Tippet, “Broberg is very strong and I am happy to see. He plays calmly and he plays in the game. He controls well. He has done all the little things he should do. He has performed in all these areas. outstanding.”

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Since Broberg’s NHL career has just begun, he will always be associated with his rookies Zeglas and Caulfield. However, in today’s NHL, the game has changed, and young skating defenders are an important part of building a competitive team. If his performance on Saturday night is a glimpse of what we expect from him, then he is proving the doubters wrong.

Upperdeck-CBC Radio Oilers’ fan group analyst-freelance writer announced that he is the first ultimate MVP fan of the NHL. Sports writer for Edmonton Oilers hockey writer.

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