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NZC is confident to find a window for the white ball series against Pakistan

New Zealand Cricket (NZC) CEO David White said that New Zealand Cricket (NZC) is confident of finding an opportunity for the abandoned white ball series against Pakistan next year.

new Zealand Cancelled visit to Pakistan A few hours before the start of the first ODI in Rawalpindi.

“I believe we will find a window. We plan to play with them in January and February next year as part of the World Test Championship and some ODIs for two test matches, so maybe we can compete around these series,” White said on the morning of the show with Ian Smith Sen radio.

However, Huai had no choice but to give up the tour. “(Pakistan Cricket Committee) is very good and very professional. We will work with them in the next few weeks and months to ensure that we fulfil our obligations to them. We have to conduct 5 ODIs and 3 ODIs with them. T20.

“For Pakistan cricket, this is really disappointing, but unfortunately, we have no choice but to leave the tournament,” he said.

‘Credible threat’

White talked about the seriousness of the threat that has emerged despite “extensive” precautions. “I’m at home, and we received a call from a government agency on Friday afternoon to inform us of specific credible threats to the team,” he said.

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“I contacted our security personnel in Pakistan at 3 in the morning, and we just resolved the issue with him and other independent sources on the ground.”

He said that New Zealand government agencies informed that they were aware of specific credible threats against the team.

“They notified us immediately, we continued these discussions, and notified our local (in Pakistan) personnel. We have an emergency measure. We have a charter flight that can be provided in a short time.

“So we were able to do this and secure a residence in Dubai, where the team will participate in World T20, and this is where the players are now.

“They are all safe, and they are all in a safe place. I think they are in a hotel where there are two IPL teams.”

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