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NHL Rumors: Canadiens, Flames, Avalanche, Oilers

Among today’s NHL rumors is an update on the Montreal Canadiens and their possible appointment of a new general manager.At the same time, is there a chance Mark Giordano Returning to the Calgary Flames in a trade? Bowen Byram is out for the Colorado Avalanche, but why and for how long? Finally, are the Edmonton Oilers really reluctant to trade a first-round pick for guard Jacob Hickron?

Canadians close to hiring general manager

According to some sources, Canadians are rapidly narrowing down the pool of potential GM candidates. Eric Engels Sportsnet believes the organization may name their next general manager soon, with three candidates remaining. He named two of the three Daniel Briere and Mathieu Darche.

The Believe Habs GM search may be resolved in the next few days. Tell it there are only three candidates and believe Daniel Brielle and Mathieu Dage are two of them. It is also expected that several others interviewed may find employment at the club.

Pierre LeBlanc TSN and The Athletic reported that agent Kent Hughes “re-entered the field of candidates” and noted that Montreal turned back to him this week after he initially skipped the interview. Add him to a list of three or four more likely candidates. He said the first round of interviews was over and the club was preparing for a second round, but there was no set timetable for the eventual hiring of GM.

Possibility of Giordano’s return to fire in trade

Francis also watched There’s a good chance the Calgary Flames would select defenseman Mark Giordano in the Seattle Krakens trade. As most fans know, Giordano joined the Kraken as an expansion draft this offseason. When asked if there was potential for a deal, Giordano’s agent Rich Winter said: “I certainly think it is possible”.

Mark Giordano Seattle Kraken
Mark Giordano, Seattle Kraken (Amy Owen /hockey writer)

Winter acknowledged that players and agents had little control over what happened this season, but added:

“The coach loves him. The players love the coach. The players have a home in the city. The team seems to be playing a lot better…I think someone like Gio, with a little more offense, might really come in.”

Bowen Byram deals with lingering concussion issues

Avalanche defenders have no return schedule, according to Denver Post’s Mike Chambers Bowen Byram He was late Tuesday after he took a leave of absence.Peter Bow Athletics Team Report He spoke with the player’s father, who confirmed Byram has not had another concussion, “but is dealing with lingering issues that may stem from his past concussion issues. To the point where he felt unplayable yesterday.”

Bowen Byram, Colorado Avalanche
Bowen Byram, Colorado Avalanche (Dustin Bradford/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Given Byram’s history of concussions, that’s worrisome for the Avalanche, which has been rumored to be open to the idea of ​​adding another defenseman to the trade this season. If Byram is out for a while, expect rumours to emerge from the Avs that they are looking for a player like Klingenberg or other Blue Line loanees.

Oilers unwilling to take the lead for Chycrun?

General manager Ken Holland confirmed in a news conference that the Oilers would not be open to trading this year’s first-round pick in exchange for rent. That being said, Holland did say that if a player can help the Oilers over multiple seasons, that might be another story.With that in mind, it’s interesting to hear reports that the Netherlands are reluctant to give up the first defender Jacob Hickron.

Jakob Chychrun Arizona Coyotes
Jakob Chychrun, Arizona Coyotes (Jess Starr/hockey writer)

According to reports, Elliott Friedman and Jeff Malek, They heard that Edmonton was unwilling to make a first-round pick for the guard with three seasons left at a fair value of $4.6 million after the season. Minda, you, this is not a first time talking about Chychrun, but a package that includes a first time.

Malek added that he was surprised by many things in Edmonton that didn’t make sense to him.

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