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NHL rumors: Canadians, Penguins, Oilers, Coyotes

In today’s NHL rumors, the Montreal Canadiens may add a guard to the market. At the same time, if the Pittsburgh Penguins think they are a playoff team this season, will they try to get a former network administrator?If GM Ken Holland wants to make a trade at the beginning of the season, and what conversations the Arizona Coyotes have with the Arizona Coyotes, the Edmonton Oilers have some goalkeeper options Phil Kessel Is it possible to be traded this season?

Canadians want to add a defensive player

According to Eliot FriedmanHe believes that the Canadians can add a defensive player who moves the hockey puck. He did not provide too many details about who they are targeting or how high the defenders are required to be on the depth chart, but Canadians may be interested in some pending unrestricted free agents because of a rental option .

It sounds like Samuel Gillard‘S name can be removed from the list as a possible choice, because Pierre LeBrun reported that Avs did not provide Girard, and a team will have to pry the avalanche socks out of the avalanche and pry Girard out of Colorado. .

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It will be interesting to see if the Canadians are a team that hopes to join this season, or if there may be a new general manager in the offseason. If the Canadians continue to struggle, there may be a lot of changes on this roster, and it seems that Mark Bergevin may continue to move forward.

Does Fleury make sense to Penguins?

Dan Rosen of In a recent pouch clip, it was written that the goalkeeper Marc-Andre Fleury As the Penguins end the season and may move on, this may be an option. If the Blackhawks decide to move to Fleury, there will be interest in the team, but the goalkeeper has a history in Pittsburgh. If the team can get a salary of 7 million US dollars, I believe he will give up returning.

Marc-Andre Fleury and Andre Burakovsky (Photo: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

The current Penguins substitute Casey DeSmith will be part of any deal, and his $1.25 million cap will be the opposite. This is not enough. If the Blackhawks are asked to keep their salary, the price will rise. Of course, Rosen admits that it all depends on whether the Penguins believe they are a playoff team.

Early season oilers goalkeeper options

As Allan Mitchell of The Athletic pointed out, general manager Ken Holland has not much history of trading mid-season, but if he is going to chase a goalkeeper—if Mike Smith’s injury is more serious than originally expected— There are several options.

Among them, Mitchell recommended several players who have played for the Dutch team to some veterans and players. He wrote:

Older trading targets that qualify for success include the Chicago Blackhawks’ Mark Andre Fleury, although his $7 million cap requires Edmonton to make some world-class maneuvers to adapt to this season. The Dallas Stars have two veteran goalkeepers (Anton Kudobin, Bradenholtby) There is an excellent young goalkeeper (Jake Oettinger) waiting for the minor. The Oilers are interested in all three, although veterans are best suited to their needs.

Source –’Lowetide: Will Ken Holland trade at the beginning of the season to support the Oilers?What history tells us’ – Alan Mitchell – Athlete – November 12, 2021

Braden Holtby, Dallas Star
Braden Holtby, Dallas Star (Photo: Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

There is some chatter from sources, there is a connection between the Oilers and Fleury, but the Dallas Stars may be a team to watch because they may have problems with three-headed goalkeepers. Ben Bishop has been training in the club. If they don’t clear some cap space first, they will not be able to activate him from the long-term injury reserve. This can make one of their network administrators cheap.

Coyote and Kessel talked about a deal

Arizona Coyotes general manager Bill Armstrong said that this team may seem a mess, but with a plan in place, the team’s long-term goals are crucial. The organization decided to sell assets to prepare for the 2022 NHL draft. Arizona has three first-round picks and provides second-round picks. The question of whether they can add more by moving Phil Kessel is solved in an article by Pierre LeBrun of The Athletic.

Armstrong said:

“We had a candid conversation with Phil from the beginning. But Phil has been so good to us here. He came and went all out and played hard for us in every game. He is a follower He is still skating as he grows older-this is the best thing. He has that natural scoring ability. He continues to be good for us.”

Source – “LeBron: Coyote General Manager Bill Armstrong on Why They Scorched Earth and the Long Road to the Future” – Pierre Le Brun – Sportsman – November 18, 2021

These do not sound like the type of reviews that imply that action is about to be taken and that Kessel is being purchased. At the same time, he is a pending unrestricted free agent. Unless he signs a new contract renewal at some time of the year, he is likely to be traded to a team that needs to be rented out. The team that advances the playoffs.

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