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NHL 2021-22 Power Ranking: Week 6

Welcome to the fifth edition of my weekly NHL power rankings for hockey writers, which evaluates the first half of the league. These rankings will focus on the team’s performance in the past week and will significantly affect their overall strength and their position in the standings at the time. Having said that, let’s now take a look at the top 16 teams in the league.

16. Boston Bruins (9-6-0)

Last week’s ranking: NA

For the Bruins, the season started slowly, but they are slowly starting to move in the right direction. Although their 4-0 loss to the Calgary Flames on Sunday night was terrible, they defeated the Philadelphia Flyers and Montreal Canadiens in a convincing manner earlier this week.

Taylor Hall, Boston Bruins (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

A player they can Use more from It was Taylor Hall, who was average at best in the early days, scoring 4 goals and 9 points in 15 games. Although he may not be the Hart trophy player he returned in 2017-18, he still has a lot of talent and the ability to produce more.

15. Philadelphia Flyers (8-5-3)

Last week’s ranking: 16

Flyers fans must be excited about Carter Hart’s start of the season. In the 2020-21 season, his average goals scored (GAA) in 27 starts was 3.67, and his save rate (SV%) was 0.877. Fortunately, the 23-year-old has turned things around in a huge way, because in 11 starts this season, he has 2.25 GAA and 0.932 SV%.

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Although Claude Giroux and the free agent signer Derek Brassard It has been very good, now there are too many passengers on this list. If this team wants to compete for the Stanley Cup, players like Travis Konecny, Joel Farabee and James Van Riemsdyk will need to go all out.

14. Colorado Avalanche (8-5-1)

Last week’s ranking: 14

For the avalanche that only played two games, it was a quiet week. They looked stable in both games, beating the Vancouver Canucks 4-2 on Wednesday and the Seattle Sea Monsters 7-3 on Friday. However, these two teams are indeed struggling, so Avs is still in the same position in this week’s ranking.

The Avalanche team received some very good news on Sunday. Nathan McKinnon returned to skating for the first time since his lower body was injured two weeks ago.Although the exact date is not yet known, it is expected that he will Back to the lineup soon, This will obviously help this team out a ton.

13. Anaheim Ducks (10-5-3)

Last week’s ranking: 15

What happened here? Entering the 2021-22 season, the Ducks are considered a lottery team. However, due to the eight-game winning streak that ended on Thursday, they found themselves ranked third in the Pacific Division.

An important reason for their success is the play of Troy Terry. He currently scored 16 consecutive games and scored 22 points this season.Most importantly, both Ryan Gezlav Adam Henrique seems to have found the source of his youth and is playing excellent hockey for the Ducks. Whether this will continue remains to be seen, but this team is one of the best stories so far of the 2021-22 season.

12. St. Louis Blues (9-6-2)

Last week’s ranking: 8

After the fiery start of the season, the Blues have been struggling recently. In the past 10 games, their record is only 3-5-2, and they have lost two of the three games in the past week, one of which was a terrible loss to the Arizona Coyotes. Team.

In theory, this seems to be a reliable team, so if they can solve the problem, no one should be surprised. Fortunately, a good start gave them some breathing space early in the standings, but they need to keep going because they have already slipped to third place in the Central Division.

11. Winnipeg Jets (9-4-4)

Last week’s ranking: 9

A good start for the Jets this week, as they performed well in the 5-2 defeat of the Edmonton Oilers. Two nights later, the same Oilers rebounded in the next game, but won 2-1 in the penalty shootout. Then they lost to the struggling Canucks on Friday night, albeit back to back.

Blake Wheeler Winnipeg Jets Carey Price Montreal Canadiens
Blake Wheeler, Winnipeg Jets and Carey Price, Montreal Canadiens (Photo: Jason Halstead/Getty Images)

This group has not fully taken their steps yet, but they are very talented and they have a very reliable record anyway.One player who is particularly struggling is Blake Wheeler, He didn’t score a goal and only had 5 assistants in 12 games this season.

10. Vegas Golden Knights (11-7-0)

Last week’s ranking: 11

The golden knight is Become healthy slowly, Therefore, start from a slow start. They will have a big test later this week as they will face the Oilers on Saturday night.

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Considering that they have been able to score 11 victories on all injuries at the beginning of the season, this shows how deep this team is. If they can fully recover, they will be a very scary team and very likely to compete for the Stanley Cup.

9. Minnesota Wild (11-6-1)

Last week’s ranking: 5

The Wild team had a good start to the season, but it should not be overlooked that they had a very good schedule in the early stages. In the past week, they faced the two most difficult opponents in the Florida Panthers and the Tampa Bay Chargers. Although they did not seem to be defeated in both games, they did lose two. Games.

So far, Wild’s problem has been the goalkeeper, because both Cam Talbot and Kaapo Kahkonen are struggling. Talbot’s past record suggests that he should be able to turn things around, but starting from the 34-year-old player, this is a bit worrying.

8. Calgary Flames (11-3-5)

Last week’s ranking: 13

After losing to the Flyers in overtime 2-1 on Tuesday night, the Flames scored consecutive goals for the rest of the week, scoring 14 goals in three games. It seems that the 2020-21 season is more of an outlier than any other season, because this team now looks very confident in itself.

Jacob Markstrom Calgary Flame
Jacob Markstrom, Calgary Flames (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

Although many people on this Flames list have had a good start to their season, the one who deserves the most talk is Jacob Markstrom.This 31 year old Five ridiculous levels With only 14 starts, it is likely to be the current leader of the Vezina trophy.

7. New York Rangers (11-4-3)

Last week’s ranking: 10

This week the Rangers won two games against the smaller teams of the Montreal Canadiens and the Buffalo Sabres, but lost another game against the tough opponents of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Nonetheless, this is another full week for the team that most people think has improved the most in the league this season.

The team’s current concern is the performance of backup goalkeeper Alex Georgiev, who scored 4.08 GAA and 0.858 SV% in six starts. Thankfully, Igor Seistkin has been excellent as the team’s number one player, but the Rangers need Georgiev to move forward better so that they can give Seistkin a break.

6. Washington Capital (11-3-5)

Last week’s ranking: 4

After the back-to-back lockout against the Los Angeles Kings and San Jose Sharks, the Capitals will rank higher on this list. However, the Seattle Sea Monsters lost the game 5-2, causing them to decline slightly.

In the defense of the Capitals, Kraken’s loss occurred in the back-to-back second half. There is nothing to worry about, because this team led by Alex Ovechkin’s ridiculous 15 goals and 30 points is a true Stanley Cup contender.

5. Toronto Maple Leafs (13-6-1)

Last week’s ranking: 2

For the Maple Leafs, it was a fulfilling week, especially for their goalkeeper, who only scored three goals in four games. They are now second in the Pacific Division with 27 points.

So far, Jack Campbell has been the team’s MVP because his 1.66 GAA and 0.944 SV% have allowed him to get some Vezina is also talking. Both Mickey Manner The standards with Auston Matthews are not high, and this should change soon. If/when that happens, this team will be even more dangerous.

4. Tampa Bay Lightning (10-4-3)

Last week’s ranking: 7

Lightning seems to be rounded. They won three of the four games last week and ranked third in the Atlantic Division.

Brayden Point Tampa Bay Lightning
Brayden Point, Tampa Bay Lightning (Scott Audette/NHLI via Getty Images)

One issue that needs attention in the future is how this team will deal with their injuries. As we all know, they do not have Nikita Kucherov, and they will continue to move on for a while.This in itself is a hard pill to swallow, but it got worse for them on Sunday because they announced Cape Braden withdraws indefinitelyThe good news for them is that they have a strong lineup, but these are two huge blows.

3. Edmonton Oilers (13-4-0)

Last week’s ranking: 6

Given that they were swept by them in the playoffs, it seems that the Jets really found them after beating the Oilers fairly easily on Tuesday night. However, on Thursday, thanks to some late magic from Connor McDavid, the Oilers were finally able to beat the Jets.

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They defeated the Chicago Blackhawks 5-2 and then the Jets. What McDavid and Leon Draisaitl are doing now is something the NHL has never seen in decades, because they scored 67 points in just 34 games. This team is now as good as any team in the league.

2. Florida Panthers (13-2-3)

Last week’s ranking: 3

Last week I suggested that the Panthers have a good chance of winning all three games in the past week, and they can do just that. Their offense is incredible in all three areas, as they scored 15 goals in total.

One of the main questions about the Panthers is Alexander Barkov injured, He slammed his knees from New York Islander Scott Mayfield. According to reports, Barkov will be absent for about 3-4 weeks, but considering the severity of the injury at the time, it feels like a blessing. He was also spotted skating during an optional practice on Saturday, so he may be back sooner than originally thought.

1. Carolina Hurricane (14-2-0)

Last week’s ranking: 1

It’s hard to find any flaws in this Carolina Hurricanes. Last week, they won all three games and thus achieved a league-leading 14 victories.

North Carolina Hurricane Storm Surge
Hurricane storm surge in North Carolina (Photo: Gregg Forwerck/NHLI via Getty Images)

Some people think that letting Doggy Hamilton lose free agency will hurt the team, but that’s not the case. Tony DiAngelo 15 points in 16 games is an amazing substitute. Their offense, defense, and goalkeepers are now very exciting, and there is no reason to expect that this situation will change.

Upcoming changes

As all teams experience ups and downs, these rankings will continue to change every week throughout the season. Of course, real competitors may remain on the list, but their rankings may change every week. Listen to the changes this time next week!

Colton Pankiw, a former Jr. hockey player, now provides his knowledge of the game through writing. For the past two years, he has been a very active and reliable source of The Hockey Writers. He is a qualified writer for the Calgary Flames, but has also done feature reports for other teams throughout the league. Other writing contributions include: White Oil, NHLtradetalk.com, with Markerzone.com. Colton is also the co-host of both Oiler working overtime with Flame confrontation podcast.Any interview request or content information can be submitted through him Twitter. Take a look at his work here.

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