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New Zealand abandoned its trip to Pakistan after security alert, cricket brotherhood “shocked”

new Zealand Have given up their trip Pakistan Because of the “government security alert.” On Friday night, the Black Hats were supposed to play against Pakistan in the first of the three ODIs in Rawalpindi, and then went to Lahore to participate in the five T20I series in Lahore.

However, in its statement, New Zealand Cricket (NZC) Based on the advice they received from the government, they confirmed that they would “no longer participate in this trip.”

The statement is as follows: “After the New Zealand government issued a security alert, BLACKCAPS is abandoning their trip to Pakistan.

“With the escalation of the threat level of the New Zealand government to Pakistan and the recommendations of the local NZC security consultant, it has been decided that BLACKCAPS will not continue to tour.

“Now arrangements are being made for the team’s departure.”

Due to the infamous Sri Lankan bus attack in Lahore during the 2009 tournament, international cricket gradually returned to Pakistan after a decade of absence, and NZC decided to withdraw from the tournament.

Here is how the cricket community reacted to the news:

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