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New product line from Oettinger & Benns

In this issue of the Dallas Stars news and rumors, Jack Ottinger shined in the recent draft, and Jamie Benn found his game with his new teammates.

Ottinger shines in his debut this season

Ottinger is the future of Since they selected him with the 26th overall pick in 2017, there has been little doubt about this. However, after making his NHL debut in the playoff bubble in 2020 and exceeding expectations last season, Ottinger was forced to start the season in the U.S. Hockey League. As he has done since draft day, he is like a professional Treat it the same, and strive for the next opportunity.

“I play almost every game there. The chance to know that you have been playing is really good for me. I think this is what I need most, just more and more games. Obviously, practice is practice. , But I think the most work I have to do is to keep playing games and make myself more comfortable. This is a very difficult position and a very difficult league, so I just need to keep driving.”

—— Star goalkeeper Jack Ottinger

When his opportunity finally came last week, he took full advantage of it.After being summoned at the last minute due to injury Bradenholtby, And then Ottinger was told that he would play against the Detroit Red Wings the next night. He played well in a 5-2 home win over Dallas. Since returning to the NHL, Oettinger has a 2-0-0 record, an average of 1.43 goals and a save rate of 0.955.

Jack Ottinger, Dallas Star (Photo by Glen James/NHLI via Getty Images)

“It’s nice to watch. He is a very talented kid. He works hard and is personable. He came when we needed him to be truly stable, and he did it.”

—— Braden Holtby

Ottinger has undoubtedly changed due to Holtby’s injury and the erratic performance of the goalkeeper so far this season. Job dynamics As a star.Head coach Rick Bowness did not disclose any information about the goalkeeper until the day of the game, but His response “It’s changed” hints at what will happen in the near future. Now, for the stars and their fans, the question still remains. Will the future goalkeeper be the answer now?

Benn, Raffl and Gurianov succeed in the new production line

Jamie did not perform well on the offensive end this season. Most importantly, it is difficult for Bowness to decide which position in the lineup is best for him, center or left wing, and on which line.Now, combine with Benn to calm down Dennis Gulyanov With Michael Lavre, all these questions seem to be answered. After playing together in the preseason, the trio finally reunited last week. As a result, Benn scored three goals in four games, while Gulyanov and Lavre were the most stable and dominant performances of the season.

“They are all physically. Tonight we try to get everyone involved in physical activity more. We don’t like our physical confrontation in Minnesota. The players responded to this tonight, and I think everyone is involved. Physical exercise.”

—— Stars coach Rick Bowness

News and rumors from Jamie Benn-Stars: Oettinger and Benns’ new product line
Dallas Stars center Jamie Ben (AP Photo/LM Otero)

The appearance of the captain and his lineup is huge for the Struggling to score early And consistently play his role, but recently found his own game. The performance of Benn’s lineup allowed Dallas to find consistency and chemistry in their lineup, which they have been looking for for years. Since dominating the 2020 playoffs, Gulyanov seems to have been playing hard, which seems to have played the best role. Although he doesn’t score many points, his overall game performance is better, and it seems that he is getting closer and closer to finding him offensively.

“He is playing the right way now. He has all the tools to be a very elite player. I believe he will be on the scoreboard soon.”

—— Star forward Michael Love

On Tuesday night, the Stars will continue their current three home games against the high-flying Edmonton Oilers.When they stay Five points difference in playoff spots, They have improved their rankings and overall competition in the past week, and will continue this trend as we enter the holiday season.

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