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NCAAW Preview: Battle between Iowa State Hawkeyes and Hurricanes

The intra-state competition between the 12th-ranked Iowa State and the 15th-ranked Iowa State University was as healthy as ever, and both teams entered Wednesday’s game with a loss. When the two teams faced each other last year, we got a classic. The game ended 82-80, and the Hawkeyes won the game against the Hurricanes. Caitlin Clark and Ashley Jones scored 34 and 35 points respectively for their performances.

If the Hawkeyes want to win again, they will need another important game from Clark. She is not only the core and soul of the team, but also the team’s most dominant player, averaging 22 points, 8.7 rebounds and 7.8 assists per game. The team will go wherever they go, so an important game of top defenders is needed.

No board, no ring. The Hawkeyes competed with the 19th-ranked Duke in this category, leading 45-35, but surprisingly, they lost. If the Hawkeyes can’t win this battle on rebounds, or at least make the deficit negligible, then they are likely to lose to the Hurricanes. This is Iowa’s biggest test of the season so far. If you don’t want to lose two of the three games, it needs to bring the best games.

Whirlwind is legal. Their record is 8-1, minus a loss to LSU and a narrow victory over UMass, they have been dominating their opponents. In the past three games, their three-point shooting percentage is 36.1%, and lead opponents with a score of 123-102.

Ashley Jones is as good as ever.She leads the team in scoring and rebounding, and continues to maintain her role as Cheryl Miller Award Watch List member. Similar to Hawkeyes, this will be Cyclones’ biggest test to date.

Game information

Ranked 15th Iowa State University (8-1, 0-0 Big 12) and 12th Iowa State (5-1, 0-0 Big 10)

when: Wednesday, December 8, 7 p.m. Eastern Time

Where: James H. Hilton Stadium in Ames, Iowa

How to watch: ESPNU

The key to the game: The rebounding battle is huge for both teams, and the team that wins this battle is likely to win the game. Last year, when these teams were playing against each other, we achieved a classic between Clark and Joens, so it will be interesting to see if this year will be more the same. Cylcones is an excellent three-pointer team and they want to shoot as many three-pointers as possible in this game. The Hawkeyes will have to protect the perimeter.

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