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Nathan Lyon (Nathan Lyon): I would rather be the leader song than the captain

Australian spinner Nathan Lyon has recognized Pat Cummins as the next captain of the test team and Steve Smith as the deputy to the fast bowler, while excluding himself as a potential leader of the team.

Both Cummins and Smith were interviewed by the captain. Less than three weeks before the start of the ashes, Cummins is expected to succeed Tim Payne because Tim Payne resigned due to the “sex texting” scandal.

Lyon said that when he took over for the NSW One Day team last year, he was impressed with the leadership of NSW teammate Cummins.

Lyon told reporters on Thursday: “The two people who are being interviewed by the Australian cricket team may be the two best candidates in my eyes.”

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“To be honest, I think (Cummins) (in New South Wales) is doing very well.

“I know this is a different kind of fish. But if he gets a nod, there are many senior players around him to support (him).

“But look at Steve Smith, I think he has the best batsman in the world.

“He has a great cricket mind and I haven’t seen them all raise their hands for the captain in drama.”

The 34-year-old Lyon is one of the veteran players of the Australian team who has faced a hundred tests.

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When asked if he has the ambition to assume a formal leadership position, Lyon said he prefers the status quo.

Leon said: “To be honest, if I raise my hand for the captain, it means I have to hand over the team song.”

“I would rather lead a team song…I will keep a low profile.”

Lyon still needs a wicket to reach 400 in the test, which is a milestone he failed to achieve in the series that he lost to India 2-1 at home last summer.

“Obviously, it has been in my mind for quite a while since the last test in India,” he said.

“I am more worried about the entire test series and make sure I play my role in the Australian cricket team and make sure we win and keep these ashes.”

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