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Nagelsman revealed that Bayern midfielder Koeman had undergone surgery due to heart problems

His manager said the winger had to undergo surgery due to a “minor arrhythmia”, but he said he should be back in a few weeks

Julian Nagelsman said Bayern Munich midfielder Kingsley Koeman had to undergo small heart surgery.

The Bayern coach revealed that the French international Koeman was found to have a slight heartbeat disturbance, which affected his breathing, which meant that he had to undergo surgery. However, the Bayern coach insisted that the operation was a relatively minor operation.

Therefore, Koeman is expected to resume full training in a few weeks, but he will definitely miss the next few games of the Bundesliga club.

What did you say?

At the Friday pre-match press conference before the Bundesliga match between Bayern Munich and Bochum this weekend, Nagelsmann revealed: “The’King’ had surgery yesterday and he has a slight heart rhythm disorder. I will use mine. The little doctor explains the professional knowledge.

“There are two lines to activate the sinus node. One of them is cut off so that there is no additional blow. Sometimes he has less air for a short period of time and is less efficient. This is why we perform long-term electrocardiography (ECG) (ECG) and find something that can be repaired quickly.

“He will start aerobic exercise on Tuesday. It will not take more than a week and a half before he returns to team training.”

Is Coman’s heart problem serious?

Although the news that Koeman had undergone heart surgery sounded dramatic, Nagelsman took action to ease concerns.

He said: “It sounds more dramatic than it really is. He did a good job with minimal wound pain.

“It’s not so blatant. Several people do, but whether my best effort is to drink a cool light beer in the fridge or whether I am a competitive athlete or not, it makes a difference.”

Which games will Koeman miss?

Koeman will be absent from the game against Bochum and will not be able to participate in the game against Glencerforth on September 24.

Bayern hope that Koeman will perform well in the next Champions League game against Dynamo Kyiv on September 29, but a more likely goal may be to play against Frankfurt at home in the Bundesliga on October 3-or possibly later. Return after international competition day.

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