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My thoughts on Arccos

I must say that the first few rounds need a little time to adapt.I have to make sure that I have downloaded the course I am playing and put my phone in my front left pocket-no problem, but I noticed some challenges Track putter Because many times I don’t get into the hole (yes, leisure golf) or it records 3 putts, and I only have 2 putts. When I arrived in Australia, I realized that this could be corrected after the round, and I finally reached the point where I would not even take the phone out of my pocket. At first it felt strange to know that every shot was being tracked, but after playing a few holes in the first round, I was going to play.

So what does it do to me? More importantly, what can it do for you? Let us first understand the background knowledge of Arccos.They currently have 300,000 users, they have captured 3.8 million rounds of data (more than 200 million shots), have been used in 194 countries/regions, and the average user has reduced their score 4.2 Stroke. It’s amazing how to have one Better understanding The strengths and weaknesses of your game can improve your practice and decision-making on the court!Here are some data This system provides you with…

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