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MSK Prasad and Irfan Pathan were surprised by the timing of Kohli’s announcement

MSK Prasad saw Virat Kohli from a close range. During his tenure as the chairman of the National Selection Committee, Prasad closely observed the rise and rise of Captain Coley’s cross-format.

And on Thursday as Colley announced Regarding the news that he will abandon the T20I captain after the T20 World Cup next month, Prasad was surprised at the timing of the announcement.

There is less than a month before the T20 World Cup in the United Arab Emirates. Not many people expect the Indian captain to accept a tough decision, but Prasad believes that the long bio-bubble life may also be making the decision.

“This decision was announced before the T20 World Cup, which is a bit surprising. However, due to the bubble lifetime and the pressure that he has to withstand when moving from one bubble to another (which may also be affected). It is obvious that this affects His mentality,” Prasad, who had not chaired the selection committee until last year, told athletic star.

Prasad witnessed Kohli’s rapid rise, and he admitted that he had set the standard very high. “Virat is a man who has achieved 70 centuries (ODI 43 and Test 27) in 10 years. He has made incredible achievements and set high standards. Perhaps the bubble life has had an impact on his personal performance. This may allow him to make such a decision before the T20 World Cup. Perhaps, he wants to reduce his burden by giving up a format.”

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“Under Willat’s leadership, Indian cricket was only a high point in the T20s. We have achieved success in New Zealand, the West Indies, South Africa, and Australia. This year’s T20 World Cup will be the first major game under his leadership. T20I event,” the former chief selection officer said.

Prasad added: “This decision will reduce his pressure and reduce his burden, because he knows that he will give up a form after the game, which may allow him to be released in major events.”

Hope Kohli can end in a fashionable way-Pathan

Even the former Indian all-rounder Irfan Pathan was surprised by the timing of the announcement. But he hopes that the Indian captain can complete the game in style and win the T20 World Cup.

Irfan Patan: “I hope Verat’s legacy, we won this World Cup. I hope he can complete it by winning the championship.”-VV Subramaniya

“The timing of the announcement really surprised me because you usually answer such calls after the game. I want to know what will happen if we win the T20 World Cup,” Patan said.

“He has always been an excellent leader, and we have seen his leadership in the cricket test. Obviously there will be people who questioned that he did not win the ICC Championship, but I believe he made the decision after careful consideration. It is not an easy decision for anyone, but I hope that for the legacy of Verat, we will win this World Cup. I hope he can complete it by winning the championship,” said the former Indian all-around player.

“There will always be people talking about him not winning the ICC championship or the IPL trophy. However, people must remember that he will lead the ICC T20 for the first time. He is a fighter-whether as a leader or a batsman- I really wish him luck,” Patan said.

Kohli served as the captain of India in 45 T20Is, of which India won 27 games and lost 14 games. From February 2019 to March 2021, India has never lost the T20I series under his leadership. As India begins its T20 World Cup journey on October 22, all eyes will be on Captain Coley again .

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