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Montreal Canadiens to benefit from Toffoli trade

for the Montreal Canadiens COVID-mandated suspension continues, the speculation and rumor mill continue to scroll. With the Habs currently at the bottom of the NHL standings, it wouldn’t be surprising to see team management looking to make a trade to move assets into futures.

With executive vice president Jeff Gorton likely looking to start some sort of rebuild, it’s no surprise that a player like this is coming. Tyler Tofrey Known in the league as an asset to any competing team. A move to a new team is not just for Tofrey, but for the Canadian who has to take a pay cut while maximizing returns.

The impact of Toffoli on Canadians

Toffoli is an NHL coach’s dream because he delivers predictable, consistent performance. On the defensive end, he’s well positioned, predicts the game, and can break a cycle or force a defender to go fast. His positioning also provides a way for his defenders to start transition games.

Tyler Toffoli, Montreal Canadiens (Curtis Comeau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Offensively, he does slide well, albeit not as fast. He can provide access to the zone of control into the attacking zone. Once installed in the attacking zone, Tofrey excels at small-scale play, passing and receiving in traffic. He is also sensitive to the net – he can be found in the gaps between defenders and his quick releases can surprise goalkeepers.

His 28 goals led the team last season, and his five game-winners played a pivotal role in the Canadiens qualifying for the playoffs. Once in the playoffs, he also provided key points, scoring the series-winning goal in overtime against the Winnipeg Jets. Plus, he’s a veteran, joining rookie Cole Caulfield and second-year center Nick Suzuki as the team’s top playoff line.

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canadian trade rumors

With that performance and the Canadian’s current struggles, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Tofrey’s name mentioned in rumors. Sportsnet’s Eric Engels believes Toffoli will trade before the deadlineCurrently, he is out of the lineup due to a hand injury requiring surgery.despite the fact that he does not expect Back to lineup He still has a full month to return to play until mid-February, before the March 21, 2022 trade deadline.

Toffoli’s contract is also a very digestible deal. He has a team-friendly $4.25 million cap over the next two seasons, and he doesn’t have any protections in the form of a no-trade clause that could limit Gorton’s shopping for the best return .

His performance with the Canadiens last season and his Stanley Cup win with the Los Angeles Kings in 2014 proved that he can also help teams win when it matters most. During the 2021 playoffs, he helped Cole Caulfield to the Habs’ top line, proving his proven veteran leadership.

Cole Caufield Montreal Canadiens - Canadiens to benefit from trade for Toffoli
Cole Caufield, Montreal Canadiens (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)

Any general manager would want to add him to the competitive lineup.One such team is new york rangers. ESPN analyst and former Rangers goalie Kevin Weeks told the New York Post’s Ethan Sears:

“People can make the case that they can try to get another top-six winger from Montreal, do they probably want someone like Tyler Tofrey?”

– Kevin Weekes (Rangers have a caveat as Stanley Cup contenders, Etan Sears, New York Post, January 4, 2022)

While that’s just Weeks’ opinion, it does suggest that a team wants to add Tofrey to their roster to help solidify the roster of a competitive team.

Toffee trade value

Due to his contract and past performances, as well as the fact that he is still in his prime at just 29 years old, Tofley is considered a high value for a competitive team. Gorton will need to make sure he gets the highest dollar value in return. On team-friendly terms, the top six wingers who can score between 20 and 30 goals usually don’t appear.

That’s why Gorton and his management team must demand draft picks and top prospects. As far as the Rangers go, it’s not unreasonable to ask for the ninth overall pick in 2018, Vitaly Kravtsov, and a pick. Why Kravtsov?Well, he’s a burly winger with skill and speed, and before being loaned out to the Continental Hockey League (KHL), he request transactionAlso, he could stay in the KHL for the rest of the season and return to camp when the chaotic season is behind the Canadiens.

Vitaly Kravtsov, New York Rangers - Canadiens to benefit from trade for Toffoli
Vitaly Kravtsov, New York Rangers (Jess Starr/hockey writer)

Another great fit is the Los Angeles Kings likely buyer at the trade deadline. After drafting him and winning the cup with him, Toffoli was a well-known entity to them. Now that they’re in contention for the playoffs again, bringing him back to where he started would be a great PR move while also helping out on the ice.

Eighth overall pick in 2021, players like right-handed defenders Brant Clark Will be able to meet the organizational needs of Canadians, but may not be available without a team joining the deal. However, Finnish center Samuel Helenius and a draft pick are achievable. Adding a 6-foot-6 center with physical style, surfing the net, and defense is what the Canadiens need.

The Canadians were able to be more aggressive in a seller’s market because they were under new management and in free fall. With most teams close to the salary cap, the Habs will be more willing to accept another team’s short-term bad contract in a trade if it means they can help with organizational needs, and there are plenty. Toffoli’s signature was celebrated as a win for the Canadiens, and he lived up to expectations. Now, Gorton is going to help the team long-term by giving him a chance to win again while using his performance to get the best possible return by trading him.

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