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Montreal Canadiens guard Jeff Petri is still part of the Habs solution

Two seasons ago, Montreal Canadiens choose to keep guard Jeff Petri Despite facing the prospect of another non-playoff season. General Manager Marc Bergevin now faces roughly the same situation. The same solution can also be said to be established.

Canadians keep Petrie in 2020

obviously, Persevering with Petri then proved to be a good decision, Because Habs finally entered the 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs, although this is due to technical problems caused by the global pandemic.Their victory over the Pittsburgh Penguins was Bergevin’s impressive 2020 offseason And Habs finally entered the 2021 Stanley Cup final. Therefore, even if Petri would ask for the king’s ransom, in retrospect, it is difficult to be critical of this decision.

Montreal Canadiens guard Jeff Petrie-(Photo by David Kirouac/Icon Sportswire, Getty Images)

Hell, to be honest, it should be objectively difficult to find the mistake in the decision at the time, because Petrie was “only” 32 years old, and his deal had a deadline. This time it’s not that clear, because Petrie is 34 years old and is in a season of inadequate urination (and most other people on Habs).

Although Petrie scored only two points in 18 games (last in the Habs defensive team), it is hard to imagine how much the Canadians would suffer in the trading market if they decided to go this way. This will conveniently ignore the no-deal clause in his record (which gives him the right to enter the no-deal list of 15 teams).

Yes, Petry is getting old and may actually be declining now.However, a hypothetical trading partner is likely to pay attention to Petrie last year, when he scored 42 points in 55 games in the 2020-21 season, performed well on the otherwise unmoving defensive team, and even won some James Norris Memorial Trophy Voting.

In other words, Petrie is not far from his best season. From this perspective, keeping him in the circle is worth the risk, because he seems to be able to rediscover his game forward. Admittedly, this is a risk, because what if he doesn’t do it? Belgraven will give up the opportunity to initiate a redevelopment in a particularly effective way, and there may be one or two high picks and potential customers.

Petrie vs. Weber

A four-year, $25 million new contract signed by Petrie before the 2020-21 season has just come into effect, and people generally think this is a great contract. Team-friendly transactionThe fact that he then went out to sort out the season he did should only reinforce the notion that Bergaven has done a good job here… It is undeniable that due to the current situation, the team is 4 in the standings. The score of 12-2 struggling in the standings is one of the worst in the NHL.

Petri’s performance is likely to be a contributing factor, as he is expected to take on additional responsibilities as the undisputed first defender of Habs. Shay Webb effectively retires. Obviously, this is not the case. Petri really only led the defensive corps during the ice age. Even so, Chris Widman All of us have significant advantages in Game of Thrones d-men ice rink time for each game.

Shea Weber Montreal Canadiens
Montreal Canadiens guard Shay Webber——(Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

It is true that Widman leads the team in scoring (only 6 points), but for whatever intent and purpose, he should be the seventh defensive player.Credit to Wideman clean up the mess, But in the end it was an insult to injury, especially when Petrie put more pressure on himself because of Webber’s situation Montreal Daily, November 3, 2021).

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However, Weber’s situation can be used as a guide here. Until the extent of his injury was made public, even in the few seasons before his “retirement”, Webber has obviously become less effective, Despite his heroic playoffs. Although his multiple injuries may pile up and cause his performance to decline, this is not the point. What is the Canadian seems to be ready to bite the bullet and continue to play with him and learn to endure his $7,857,143 cap…because, uh, “leadership?”

Keep Petrie’s case in 2021-22

In fact, even if Canadians are willing, because Weber’s contract and salary cap remain the same, they may find it difficult to trade Weber. However, it’s hard to believe they want it, because Weber’s intangible assets have been so much celebrated. In this regard, Petry has not been chopped off his liver… If Habs sees through this, his $6.25 million ceiling will not be so serious, and he stays where he is.

Of course, the Canadians don’t have to worry about Webber’s hits (long-term injury reserves). They do Petrie’s, but for teams whose main weakness is lack of defensive mobility, this is a bit of a subconscious trade for your most flexible defense. The player’s reaction (in principle) because he had a bad season.

Tom Wilson, Jeff Petrie
Jeff Petrie and Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson-(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Almost everyone is like this, you won’t trade three-quarters of the team.The strange thing is that Habs should just be Ben Chiaro, He can be said to be the best season among all the Habs defensive players. However, this is mainly because his contract is about to expire and you want to get something for him instead of just watching him leave in vain.

In addition, it is difficult to see Chiarot replicate his performance so far this season and continue to be a key part of Habs in the long term (at least it should be difficult). The same is true for Petry, just in the other direction. Objectively speaking, if team X is allowed to choose between Petry and Chiarot, they will definitely choose Petry, and may even ask for a higher price. Despite his poor performance this season, this is a convincing assessment of his overall value. It’s not about what you can get for Petri, but you can get enough to replace him in the end. Assuming he starts to play as much as possible, the answer is a resounding “no”.

The only way to truly prove that moving Jeff Petrie is reasonable is whether Canadians are ready to accept fully Rebuilt and broken for several seasons. What this front office has done in the past 10 years has hardly indicated that this is just a choice (even though, ironically, Habu almost missed the playoffs in four of the five seasons a few years ago). For better or worse, Petri is still the team’s best defender, at least on paper. Things may change in another two years, but now we must maintain the status quo, even if the ranking changes are welcome to most people. The only way they can get there may be Petri.

After 10 years of hockey writing, Ryan thinks that now is a good time to really join The Hockey Writers for the 2014-15 season. Appearing as a guest on CBC Radio One’s Daybreak and other shows, Ryan writes for publications such as the Montreal Bulletin and Bleach Report, and works for the NHL itself and his hometown Montreal Canadiens. Currently, he writes all content about Habs for THW, and as a qualified member of the press, reporting the 2021 Stanley Cup final is a highlight of his career.

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