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Mohammed Siraj: I am very happy to be part of the team led by the inspirational Kohli

Mohammed Siraj is determined to keep his feet on the ground and keep it simple when pursuing new goals for his cricket career.

The Indian fast bowler dreamed of scoring eight wickets in the main test in the recent England series. He said that although he was disappointed to miss the chance to participate in the T20 World Cup, he will continue to work hard to be whenever he has a chance. When representing India in any given form, he will be the winner of the game.

“Well, the choice is not in our hands. Participating in the T20 World Cup is of course a dream. But this is not the end of everything. I have more goals-the biggest goal is to play a leading role in helping the team win the game. ,” Siraj explained in a chat with him. athletic star.

“I will go with the flow, because I believe in destiny, even in the process of pursuing excellence at the highest level, I am content with any opportunity I get,” he explained.

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“No matter what you imagine, the trip to England is a great experience. I am so happy that I can rest in peace with the faith of my captain Willat. bye (Corley), head coach Ravi Shastri, support staff and the whole team,” said the 27-year-old, who has scored 30 wickets in the 9 tests he has participated so far.

“Of course, bowling with big players like Shami bye, Isan bye And Jasprit bye It was a huge learning curve for me. They are very supportive and always come up with valuable skills to continuously improve my bowling skills,” he said.

How was your mood before the start of the England Test Series? “We are confident, but not complacent. After an unforgettable series victory in Australia, this team is in a high position,” he said.

“This is a completely balanced team with all departments. And, personally, I am very happy to be part of a department led by an inspiring leader like Virat. bye,” Siraj said.

Corley’s suggestion

What is Virat’s advice to you? “‘We know you are friendly to your swingers. But in order to keep the batsman guessing, you should be as good as the outspinner. This is how I have been working hard and I am very satisfied with the Lord’s spell,” Siraj said .

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“Obviously, playing in the House of Lords and performing there is something I cannot explain in words now. When I was a kid, I knew it was the mecca of cricket in the world. Moreover, playing there and helping the team is an unforgettable experience to win Test,” he explained.

“Honestly, I didn’t think too much after missing the hat trick twice in the Lord’s test. I felt that God’s expectations of me happened. Yes, I was disappointed that I missed five in that historic venue. The ticket gate,” Siraj said.

“Yes, I would say that the spell I played over five rounds in the Oval Test before lunch on the last day, even if I didn’t get any wickets, was another very satisfying spell because I was able to use my usual Line and length,” he said.

“In essence, I will focus on my health and strictly follow my diet to avoid injury. There is no better example than my captain in this regard,” he said with a smile.

Virat Kohli’s advice to Siraj: “We know you’re very good at your swingers. But in order to keep the batters guessing, you should wave your hands equally well. This is how I’ve been working hard and I’m very satisfied with the Lord’s spell .” -Getty Images

“When I look back at the England Series, I have a feeling that in anyone’s career, there will be a stage. If you perform well, live up to expectations, and face any challenge, you will be more confident. Frankly speaking, I Think I have successfully passed such a stage,” he explained. “That’s why I am more confident and aggressive now,” he added.

Looking back at the second half of the IPL game to be held in Dubai, the star fast bowler from Hyderabad played for the Bangalore Royal Challengers, and he said that they are determined to win the trophy.

“Dreams play the leading role in winning the championship”

In a cricket match in Hyderabad, Siraj said he could participate in the Syed Mustak Ali Trophy in Hyderabad.

“One of my dreams is to lead the team to major victories in domestic cricket matches,” he said.

“It is disappointing that we did not enter the elite group of the Ranji Trophy. Therefore, I want to put in more than 100% of my efforts and help my team win some big wins,” said the fast bowler.

When it was learned that Hanuma Vihari would return to Hyderabad, Siraj was surprised to say that he did not know about this, but it was indeed good news.

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