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Moen Ali praised Mark Wood and thought he was great

England all-rounder Moeen Ali praised his teammate Mark Wood for his outstanding performance in the second game of Lord’s Test and turned the situation in favour of England. India lost two wickets early on the fourth day, and Wood finished the job both times. His pace troubles KL Rahul Rohit Sharma On the edge, his pull ball was caught by Deep Square Leg.

Wood’s priceless scalp is indeed Cheteshwar Pujara, he is not panicked at all, it looks like he is knocking on the door. In the final stage of the third day, Moeen got two key wickets and he won third place in India, which requires a gem of his.

Moeen Ali intervenes with two key wickets [Image-Twitter]

“The gate of Pujara is huge”-Moeen Ali

Moeen Ali was very happy for his teammate Mark Wood’s performance, because the latter was worried that he would not get a wicket in the first game. He added that his dismissal of Rohit was very good, and added that after completing these 200 deliveries, Pukhara’s ticket gate is an important moment for England. He praised Wood for staying energetic.

“I am very happy for him (Wood). He told me in the first game that he didn’t get the wicket he wanted. I said these things might happen, and they will happen. The way he bowls is great, I It’s great to catch the ball on the deep leg!

“He is worthy of his wicket, and Pukhara’s wicket is huge. He ran in and hit the wicket with a soft ball. I think he’s great,” Moeen Ali told us at the end of the day.

Chetshwar Pugara, Mark Wood
Mark Wood defeated Pujara with jaffa [Image-Twitter]

“They have pants, but we have Jimmy”-Moeen Ali

Moeen Ali mentioned that he is personally satisfied to return to the England team to participate in the Lord’s Test, and hope they can win this test on the fifth day. He added that Pant’s presence is an important factor, and James Anderson can offset it.

“This is a great test match. Personally, I am very happy to be back and be a part of it. I hope that tomorrow morning we can beat them and chase them down. They have pants, but we have Jimmy,” He added.

Rishabh pants (Image source: Twitter)

India Ending the fourth day with a score of 181 and losing 6 wickets with a lead of 154 times, the final day will be exciting.

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