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MLS and Liga MX announced that a new one-month League Cup competition system will begin in 2023

The MLS and Liga MX clubs will face each other in the one-month summer tournament beginning in 2023, as these two top North American leagues have joined forces to participate in the reimagined League Cup.

The new League Cup will be the annual summer tournament. MLS and Liga MX will suspend domestic competitions for one month.

Officially approved by CONCACAF, the new League Cup will determine the three qualifying places for the CONCACAF Champions League.

What will the game be like?

The two leagues said they will announce more details in the coming months, but we do know that the winner of the game will automatically qualify for the CCL Round of 16.

In addition, the clubs that finished second and third in the new look of the League Cup will be eligible to participate in the first round of the CCL.

The current iteration of the League Cup will be changed to this new format in 2023. It will be an eight-team single-elimination match. The Seattle Gulfers will face the Leon Club in the final of the season in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

Say what?

“The new League Cup, where each club from MLS and Liga MX participates in a month of intense competition, will set a new standard for the possibilities between our two leagues and further showcase our players and clubs to a global audience. ,” MLS Commissioner Tang Garber.

“Since its launch three and a half years ago, our partnership with Liga MX has developed rapidly, and competition has allowed both of us to play their best roles.

“On the road to the 2026 FIFA World Cup hosted by the United States, Canada and Mexico, this is the perfect time to host a game that will enhance Concacaf’s image and showcase the highest level of passion for football in our region.”

Mikel Arriola, CEO of Liga MX, added: “Given the historic announcement of the new competitive ecosystem established by Concacaf, which will expand the League Cup, we are in a mood of celebration. This is the coordination and goal between the league, MLS and Liga MX. An example of alignment.

“All participating parties are committed to providing more entertainment and landscapes for North American football and fans around the world, and for MLS and Liga MX clubs to provide a more intense game schedule to improve the standard and quality of the game.

“In this way, economic benefits can be reinvested, creating a virtuous circle to help the development of players, clubs, and marketing opportunities for football and sports.”

Continuous cooperation

In recent years, MLS and Liga MX have cooperated a lot, and the two leagues are now facing each other in many competitions.

The champions of the two leagues have already faced off in the Campenez Cup. Columbus will face Cruz Azul on September 29, as well as the current format of the League Cup.

In addition, the two leagues have joined forces for the new look of the MLS All-Star Game, and this summer the MLS team defeated their Liga MX opponent.

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