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Miller, Boeser, Podkolzin, etc.

In the latest version Vancouver Canucks News and rumors, the Minnesota Wilds showed interest in JT Miller, and Block Bose According to reports, it has returned to the trading zone. In addition, Vasily Podkolzin (Vasily Podkolzin) won more playing time in the first 19 games.

Very interested in miller

According to Ben Kuzma of the province, the Wild team has referred to Miller as the Canucks (from “Karnak JT Miller’s time may come online in wild interest,” The province, November 23, 2021). Kuzma added that the Canucks are an injured team and they may be willing to part ways with one of their top players if the return is appropriate. This is consistent with reports from’s Elliott Friedman when he joined Downey and Dali on Monday to discuss the recent Canucks meeting. Friedman pointed out that if the team continues to struggle in the next few weeks, there will be a feeling that this may be a deal.

JT Miller, Vancouver Canucks (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

In return for Miller, Kuzma suggested that the wild team can provide the 25-year-old Kevin Fiala, whose contract is in the final season, with a salary of $5.25 million. He also discussed Jordan Greenway as a target, but the striker’s salary cap reached $2.1 million, which made him too expensive for the club. Kuzma also pointed out that the Canucks are looking for a No. 1 pick because the team gave up the 2022 second-round pick in the trade with the Arizona Coyotes in exchange for Connor Garland and Oliver Eyre. Kerman Larson.

The Canucks acquired Miller with the Tampa Bay Chargers during the 2019 offseason. He led the team with 71 points in the 2019-20 season and had an immediate impact. In addition, since joining the team, he has led the team with 49 goals and 137 points in 141 games. His contract has two more seasons, and the upper limit is $5.25 million.

General manager Jim Benning must ensure that the Canucks get equal value in Miller’s trade. The forward has a great contract and is very productive. If the Canucks can add Fiala, a high draft pick and another valuable player, then Miller’s trade may work.

Boeser in the trading area

Reported by Rob Simpson of VancouverHockeyNow Trade negotiations around Boeser heat up. Simpson added that Bothell’s name has been around since the offseason, but negotiations have heated up in recent days. The winger performed poorly this season, scoring 4 goals and 8 points in 16 games. He has made no sense in the past six games and has scored 4 points.

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Simpson pointed out that if a Boeser transaction occurs, Elias Pettersson will not be happy. Similar to Pettersson, most of the fan base will not be happy. Boeser led the team with goals (23) and points (49) in 56 games last season. It is not wise to start trading slowly because he is only 24 years old and has proven his productivity. In addition, his agent Ben Hankinson Noticed that he didn’t believe the striker would be traded

Canucks can increase the president

Rick Dhaliwal discussed Canucks and their front desk with Sekeres and Price. Dalivar suggested that if the team does not want to fire Benning, they can add a president of ice hockey operations.

On Sunday, the Canucks lost 1-0 to the Chicago Blackhawks with a 6-11-2 record. The club owners held two meetings last week, one between the Aquilini family on Monday and the other with Benning. Many people think it’s time for the team to leave Benning and coach Travis Green. Adding a hockey chairman with long experience may be an option for team owners because they don’t seem to want to fire the general manager.

Podkolozin continues to develop

So far, one of the few positives for the Canucks season is the development of Podkolzin. The rookie entered the season as the team’s number one rookie, and as the season progressed, he assumed more responsibilities.

Vasily Podkolzin, Vancouver Canucks
Vasily Podkolzin, Vancouver Canucks (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

His playing time has increased because he saw some power play and protect the lead late in the game (from “Canucks Notebook: Podkolzin’s rapid rise has been considered by special teams”) The province, November 21, 2021). Green said that rookies can participate in the team’s penalty shootout (PK).

“I do think he has this ability,” Green said on Sunday. “We threw a lot of things at him, but as his foot speed increased, his speed and pressure under the ice were good, and he was focused. We can definitely see from him (PK). He takes the game seriously. All parts of the game, and hope to get better in every aspect-wall work and taking the puck out of your area, defense and stopping are just small things that help you win the game.”

Canucks is already the owner of the worst PK in the league, so it is worthwhile to add the Russian forward to the PK unit. His development in the first 19 games has been impressive and has brought some hope for the team’s future. He scored three goals and scored 4 points in 17 games.

Hamonic road trip

The Canucks sent Travis Hamonic to Abbotsford before the American road trip. According to the NHL’s COVID-19 protocol, defensive players are not considered fully vaccinated players. Hamonic has already received his second dose of vaccine, but must wait 14 days until the league believes that he is fully vaccinated. Benning cleaned up the guard’s Situation, too.

“He went to the pharmacy and I think he had some ideas. Then he went through some other struggles-the problems he was dealing with. He took time off and left the team to deal with these problems.”

Last week, the general manager pointed out that Hamonic’s transit will take several weeks. The Canucks are on a five-game road trip, and Harmonic may join the team at the end of the trip.

Sartaaj has watched hockey for more than 15 years and has covered the Vancouver Canucks for The Hockey Writers.

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