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Mikheyev, Rielly, Kase and Campbell

The Toronto Maple Leafs defeated a talented New York Rangers 2-1 last night, extending their winning streak to five games. That victory prevented the Rangers’ own four-game winning streak and improved the Maple Leafs’ season record to 12-5-1.

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But perhaps even more impressive is the nature of the defensive lockout: In another game, the Maple Leafs suppressed the Rangers. Although there are only two advantages (30 to 28) for the Maple Leafs team, the quality of the shots is heavily biased for the Maple Leafs team.

After the game, I watched the highlights of New York again, and the broadcaster of the Rangers praised the teamwork of the Maple Leafs. Someone pointed out, “You have to give it to the leaves; they didn’t give up too much.” These comments had to make the Maple Leafs coach Sheldon Keef happy.

Sheldon Keef, head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

In fact, Keefe was very happy. He pointed out after the game“I think we were calm from start to finish and did a great job. Faced with a team with this level of skill, you will have to rely on your goalkeeper to make some saves. But I don’t think we give up too much today. , In terms of strange people sprinting and so on.”

In this issue of Maple Leaf News and Rumors, I will comment on some player highlights in the game and some player actions surrounding the game.

Project 1: Ilya Mikheyev practice back sliding

Good newsIlya Mikhayev The front of the broken thumb. According to reports, The young Russian skated on Thursday He also used a lighter hockey puck on his cue during practice. After a strong preseason training camp, Mikhayev broke his thumb in the preseason. At that time, his recovery and rehabilitation was expected to be extended to two months. So it looks like he is expected to return to the team next month.

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The second item: Timothy Liljegren has healthy scratches again

I think that although everyone on the team is satisfied with the team’s current winning streak and successful performance, Timothy Liegren Maybe not as happy as most people, because he didn’t play. In the game last night, he sat in a healthy position.he is Kirill Semyonov joined the press box, Except for Ondrej Kase choosing to participate in the game, he could have participated in the game even though he was injured when he blocked a shot against the Nashville Predators.

Article 3: You can defeat Ondrej Kase, but you can’t shut him out

Speaking of Ondrej Kase, he was again the Rangers’ game time decision; again, he put on his clothes and started the game. Cass blocked a shot in Tuesday’s victory over the Predators and therefore missed Wednesday’s training break. Kase participated in the team’s optional morning skates yesterday, and then announced that he is good at the game.

Ondrej Kase Toronto Maple Leafs
Ondrej Kase, Toronto Maple Leafs (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

Kase and his childhood best friend David Kampf have become the mainstay of the team’s defense. In addition, Kase has scored 6 points in 18 games this season.

Item 4: Jack Campbell takes over NHL leadership in many categories

Jack Campbell started his last three games in the Rangers game on Thursday. By stopping every shot, he pushed that number to four consecutive victories, except for one shot that the Rangers threw at him during the 2-1 win. He was stable throughout the game.

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The team defense in front of him made it easier for him in the first part of the game; however, when his work became more difficult in the third stage, he stopped there with difficulty. Campbell’s record this season is 10-3-1, with an average of 1.63 goals per game and a save rate of 0.944. Both figures lead the NHL. He also tied for this season’s NHL victories with the same number of 10 games as his old teammate Frederik Andersen (Frederik Andersen).

Morgan Rielly scored the only two goals his team needed in a 2-1 victory. This is the fourth two-goal match in his NHL career. In addition, he recorded more than 25 minutes of ice time. Since the end of October with an 8-year $60 million contract renewal, Rielly has been proving that he is worth the extra money.

Zach Hyman, Morgan Rayleigh, Mitch Manner, John Tavares
Zach Hyman, Morgan Rielly, Mitch Marner and John Tavares of the Toronto Maple Leafs (Canadian Media/Jeff McIntosh)

The 27-year-old defender has now scored three consecutive games (5 points in these games) and 13 points (3 goals and 10 assists) in 18 games this season.

What’s next for Maple Leaf?

The Maple Leafs met the Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday night. This will be their last home game before New York against the Islanders, followed by a road trip to the West Coast. The Penguins defeated the Montreal Canadiens 6-0 and hoped to win two consecutive victories from the Maple Leafs.

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The Penguins’ game in Pittsburgh had to be the team’s low point this season. Soon after, the team returned strongly, defeating the Chicago Blackhawks, and soon began their winning streak. I am looking for a strong game to end the home run.

It’s great to see Nick Rich score a goal. In some of the game moves I saw last night, he really worked very hard. it’s time.

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