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Michael Hussey recalled his days in India when he tested positive for COVID-19 during IPL 2021

Former Australian player Michael Hussey was infected with the COVID-19 virus during the 2021 IPL.

Hussey, the batting coach for the Chennai Super Kings in the IPL, tested positive for this terrible virus together with bowling coach Lakshmipathy Balaji before the league’s immediate suspension in May.

I changed my shirt four or five times: Michael Hersey

Hussey went back to one of the worst moments in his life and talked about his feelings and the help he received from the hospital CSK medical personnel.

“I have a terrible fever. Because of sweating, I have to change my shirt four or five times a night. I have a relentless dry cough and barking. I am really tired. I will try to sit at my desk and do some Work, but soon feel the need to lie down. I will wake up from what feels like a nap and realize that three hours or so have passed,” Hessie wrote in a Fox Sports column.

Michael Hersey.

“The doctor on the team was very worried. He realized that I might be in the worst place to be infected with Covid in the world. Delhi records hundreds of thousands of new cases every day, the hospital has few beds, and there are many, many people waiting in line outside the hospital. They,” he further said.

CSK team doctor transfers Michael Hussey from Delhi to Chennai

When Hussey tested positive for COVID-19, the situation in India was even worse because people had difficulty finding beds in hospitals due to COVID-19 and died due to lack of oxygen cylinders.

Hussey said that the team doctor transferred him from Delhi to Chennai and must be placed on a stretcher while being covered by a body bag.

Michael Hersey.Picture-Twitter
Michael Hersey.Picture-Twitter

“If the situation gets worse, the doctors are not sure whether I can get the medical assistance I need. They decided that the best way is to fly me back to Chennai, the team’s home base,” Hessie wrote.

“All I can do is trust them. As soon as we arrived at the airport, I was pushed directly onto the plane on a stretcher in a body bag. The air ambulance to Chennai took about three and a half hours. Then it He was sent back to the ambulance and went straight to the isolation hotel,” he added.

The second leg of IPL 2021 was held in the United Arab Emirates from September to October. The Chennai Super Kings became the champion and won the IPL championship for the fourth time.

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