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Messi’s knee injury worries Paris Saint-Germain and the Argentine star is excluded from Mes’s game

The former Barcelona superstar was sent off in his last game against Lyon and confirmed that he was receiving a slight impact

Lionel Messi gave Paris Saint-Germain an untimely headache due to injuries. The Ligue 1 giants revealed that the Argentine forward has been scanned for knee problems.

The six-time Ballon d’Or winner was unexpectedly eliminated in the most recent game against Lyon. Mauricio Pochettino had to answer many questions about why the greatest man in history was withdrawn.

It was suggested at the time that the 34-year-old Argentine had been slightly hit, and now Paris Saint-Germain has confirmed this before the midweek game against Metz.

What did you say?

In the club’s fitness update Official website, Paris Saint-Germain said: “Lionel Messi was hit in his left knee during the game against Lyon. He underwent an MRI on Tuesday morning, which confirmed signs of bone bruises.

“Follow-up inspection will be carried out in 48 hours.”

Since Messi is now resting to prevent him from further harm, he will not meet with Mess on Wednesday.

How did Messi perform at Paris Saint-Germain?

Neymar Mbappé Messi Bruges Paris Saint-Germain Champions League

An amazing deal allowed the South American superstar to transfer from Barcelona to Parc des Princes in the summer, and his contract at the Nou Camp is about to expire.

In France, people have high hopes for him, especially when he establishes contact with former Barcelona teammate Neymar and World Cup champion Kylian Mbappe.

However, they have not yet fired as a trio Messi continues to see his progress in Paris blocked.

Supported by his achievements in winning the America’s Cup with Argentina, he easily entered PSG, with only 24 minutes of game time before the international game day in September.

In the Champions League and Ligue 1 league, Messi now has only 166 games left, and continues to wait for the new employer’s first goal.

Who is missing from PSG?

Pochettino saw his side Beat Lyon 2-1 Last time he played, he will shuffle the cards against Metz.

Marco Villati is returning from a knee injury, which has forced the 2020 European Cup champion to miss four games so far.

The Italian midfielder ran again in training, but Ismail Gabriel continued to train alone.

Spanish centre-back Sergio Ramos is still waiting for his debut at Paris Saint-Germain. He is another player far away from the main force as the 35-year-old is trying to get rid of complaints about the Mavericks.

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