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Mertesacker talks about how long Arsenal’s Champions League absence will last and the need to “trust” Arteta

The former Gunners defender is now the head of the club’s youth academy, and he admits that it may take several years to return to European elite football.

Mertesacker admitted that Arsenal may not return to the UEFA Champions League in another “two or three years”, but he urged to be patient with Mikel Arteta, which is still a “big and big” for the Gunners. Change”.

Since Wenger is still at the helm, the North London heavyweights have failed to qualify for the European Classic. The last time they entered the top four was in the 2015-16 season.

Arteta is the one responsible for reversing this trend, although Questions about the Spaniards’ ability to achieve lofty expectations, Mertesacker insisted that he is the right person for the job.

What did you say?

Former Arsenal defender Mertesacker, now the head of the club’s academy, he told Beautiful game podcast The current situation at the Emirates Stadium: “A large-scale transition, which is what I classify. I think it is obvious that when Arsenal leaves the gap that needs to be filled, it will not be resolved in a few seasons or three seasons. To four years.

“You always want a shortcut, you know, go straight back to the Champions League, go straight back to success. I think even myself, now aware of and working with the academy, for longer-term development, I think we have seen the first team have With similar characteristics, I hope Mikel can get the time he needs.”

The World Cup champion added: “I want to succeed tomorrow, I want to return to the Champions League tomorrow, and I want to say to people,’Listen, we have the best club in the world and they are challenging the championship every day. For a year. ‘. This is not reality. I think the sooner we get to the car, we are still in a huge transformation [the better].

“To achieve sustainable success, you need some trust. I fully support believing in the relationship between people. If Mikel Arteta and I think he is a suitable candidate, let us give him the trust and what he can The development team adopted may achieve the next level of UEFA Champions League football within two or three years.

“From the perspective of the club’s personnel, this is basically my current view, because my cooperation with Mikel is very, very close.

“I know how much he wants it, I know his professional ethics, and I know the team is currently working hard to reach a better level. I think we all have to accept disappointment now. I am eager to change, but we will The environment provided in the next few years will be the key to our success.

“The stakes are very, very high. I know there are a lot of criticisms, but some people need to accept it and try to grow with it, and Mikel is the one who does that.”

What is the current state of Arsenal?

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Arsenal 2021-22

Since succeeding Unai Emery at the helm in December 2019, Arteta has won the FA Cup and Community Shield glory.

But progress has been slow since then, Three difficult first games of the 2021-22 season and meaningless start Seeing the pressure piling up on a 39-year-old coach.

The back-to-back victory over Norwich and Burnley helped silence some doubters, but questions about Arsenal’s direction continue.

They don’t have any type of continental football this season, Finished eighth in the last semester and is still looking for the expected return During the summer transfer window, a record investment of 145 million pounds (200 million US dollars) was invested.

People such as Alexandre Lacazette and Bernd Leno also triggered the exit conversation, No new contract is in place, and club captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang-often a talisman-has only scored two goals in the last 10 Premier League games.

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