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Martin Kaymer takes 3 months of leave after giving birth

Berlin-two-time Grand Slam champion Martin Kaymer On Thursday, he told a German golf magazine that he would take a three-month vacation to welcome the birth of his first child.

Kaymer is expected to become a father at his home in Germany in January and said he hopes to live in Florida with his family after the baby is born.

“Our child will be born in Germany, and I will not participate in any championships within three months. I can only start again in March,” Kaymer told Golf Magazine.

Kaymer added, “The commute between the United States and Europe is useless for me”, so he hopes to live in the United States permanently and at the same time change training to pay more attention to what he considers to be his competitive advantage.

Kemer won the US PGA Championship and US Open in 2010 and 2014, but has never won the tournament since. Kemer is ranked 118th in the world and 49th in this season’s European Tour Dubai.


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