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Mark Wood ends Cheteshwar Pujara’s vigil with Jaffa

Mark Wood Provides a much-needed ticket gate for England Chetshwar Pugara This finally opened the floodgates for the host in the ongoing test of the Lord.

Chetshwar Pugara [45 off 206 balls] And Ajinkya Rahane [61 off 146 balls] They blocked their way with less than 50 times in three games to accumulate 100 times, but the bowler does not seem to be a real threat. Some people wonder if the duo are bringing India to a safe place. s position.

However, Mark Wood, who made a deep impression on the first day, broke the prologue of the game again in the 73rd inning. His shots made any batter in the world discouraged.

The tall walker thought it was a suitable Jaffa; one landed on the back of the length area, and then flew quickly towards Pugara.

Mark Wood defeated Pujara with jaffa [Image-Twitter]

All Pujara could do was block it awkwardly on Joe Root, who caught the simplest catch on the second error.

The ticket gate of Pujara opened the floodgates for England because Ajinkya Rahane fell to Moeen Ali in a tame manner after finishing all the hard work, and then Ravindra Jadeja got jaffa from his deputy! One fell in the middle, beating his outer edge before hitting the top of the stump.

As the light deteriorated significantly, England was forced to insist on using spinners even when new balls were available. However, due to the enthusiastic response of Virat Kohli from the team balcony, the day was finally cancelled.

Watch Cheteshwar Pujara’s dismissal here:

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