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Marc-Andre Fleury of the Las Vegas Golden Cavaliers won the Vezina Trophy as the best goalkeeper in the NHL

Fleury was a finalist for the award for the first time in his 17-season NHL career. His record is 26-10-0, ranking third in NHL wins and lockouts (6), and in the number of goals scored. Ranked third (1.98) and has a save rate of at least 20 games among goalkeepers (.928). He started the season with a score of 5-0-0 and won in the last nine games.

“I think it obviously always helps to have a really good team in front of me,” Fleury said. “All the staff, the coach makes me lose my way, and I am ready every night. For me, I just like this game. I am still passionate about the game, and playing it is still fun. I am lucky to do what I like to do. thing.”

Fleury helped Vegas (40-14-2) finish second in the Honda Western Division and advance to the Stanley Cup playoffs for the fourth consecutive season. The Golden Cavaliers lost to the Montreal Canadiens in six of the seven-two-win Stanley Cup semifinals.

“My teammates, like I said, they are great,” Fleury said. “Always maintain a good defense in front of me. My partner Robin Rainer Thank him for his support throughout the season. Goalkeeper coach Mike Rosati.Adjusted some small things here and there, I think [he] Helped me throughout the season. Fans. There was no one in the stands at the beginning of the season, and it was fun to let them run at full capacity in Vegas at the end. It just brings emotion and atmosphere into the building, which is very interesting. “

Fleury has only scored two goals or less in 25 of 36 games, and Rainer helped Vegas win the Jennings trophy because he scored the fewest goals in the regular season (124) . Fleury ranks third in NHL history with 492 victories, behind Patrick Roy (551) and Martin Broad (691).

“He had an incredible year,” Golden Cavaliers coach Peter Debor said when Fleury was announced as a finalist. “We won’t have our records. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have him in that year. You have to pay tribute to him. He encountered some adversity there last year (lost playing time after Lenner was traded) He did not lie down, but appeared in the camp, fighting and fighting.

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