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Maple Leafs and Stars trade could create Deadline blockbuster

On Friday, Jan. 7, some unexpected news came out of Texas as reports surfaced that the Dallas Stars defenseman John Klingberg have request transaction from the team. An unresolved free agent with a reasonable contract, sure to have a lot of interest in his services. Entering the Toronto Maple Leafs, the latest news from Texas should be in the ears of management. The Maple Leafs and Stars could end up being the perfect match at the trade deadline and offer us all the blockbuster deals we all crave.

Klingberg wants bench scenery and fresh voices

So far in 2021-22, the 29-year-old has 16 points in 25 games, including seven in power it with two points Rasmus Sandin Adding Klinberg to the Maple Leafs’ second unit could certainly benefit the club’s special team. While the Maple Leafs’ manpower advantage continues to be near the top of the league, why not try to improve the second unit? Sandin will be a star, but he’s not as efficient as people think, especially when it comes to power.

John Klingberg is an offensive defender looking to change the landscape (Jess Starr/hockey writer)

Known for his offensive game, the 6-foot-3 defenseman from Dallas has been largely unknown since he entered the NHL in 2014-15. Since the start of his inaugural season, Kleinberg ranks ninth in the entire NHL with 343 points in his career 503 games, including 135 power games. He’s ahead of the likes of Drew Doughty, Alex Pietrangelo, Dougie Hamilton, Morgan Rielly and Seth Jones while playing fewer games than all of those big names.

This $4.25 million salary Not ideal for Maple Leafs at the moment as they have some cash constraints but recently by Shuffle Nick Ridge, plus some potential wage retention and a possible trip to Texas, the money is a hurdle to overcome.

Klimberg’s knock was his Base numbers have fallen the past few seasons.However, nothing compares star team coach rick bowness Late 2020. His performance declined on both sides of the puck, and it all makes sense why defensemen want to change the landscape. He doesn’t fit in well with the coaching or the new system, and he knows how much this season will mean for his future in the NHL and how much money he can make by signing a new contract this summer.

Maple Leafs to benefit from Klingenberg acquisition

So, here’s my case for why the Maple Leafs should acquire Klingberg from the stars. Toronto is going all out this season — they have a goalie who can carry him on their backs, a lot of depth in the frontcourt, and a potential first-round exit will be scoffed at if they can find a way to fill a few holes. Stars’ The defender will be a huge upgrade from Justin Holl, and while he may not be as physically fit as Holl, he will be able to move the puck more efficiently, create more offense and provide more stability to the team.

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The Maple Leafs continue to roll out the likes of Pierre Engvall, Nick Ritchie and/or Wayne Simmonds on the second Powerball unit — three players united for one Powerball goal in 2021-22. The Klingberg would be a huge upgrade and would pair nicely with Sandin on the back end to create another weapon for Toronto’s arsenal.

Maple Leafs have trade completion action

What exactly will the Maple Leafs have to pay to get the Stars’ defenseman? At this point, it’s hard to judge the asking price and whether the star will satisfy the deal. They’re a vulnerable team on the verge of missing the playoff picture entirely, which in turn could change the course of their season. The Stars are expected to move some players if they don’t get a playoff berth, which is how this deal between the two clubs becomes a big deal ahead of the March 21 deadline.

In fact, if the Stars are going the fire sale route, expect the Maple Leafs to sit down with great interest. Not only in Klingenberg, but another unrestricted free agent pending — forward Joe Pavelski. He has plenty of playoff experience, can play mid or wide, and is a proven leader. Pavelski has a no-trade clause, but it only covers three teams, and you can bet he’ll be open to a potential Cup run in Toronto.

Joe Pavelski Dallas Stars-Maple Leafs and Stars Trade Could Make Deadline Blockbusters
Joe Pavelski would be an interesting addition to the Maple Leafs (Jess Starr/hockey writer)

Some would even argue that leaves would be willing to move Peter Mrazek in the transaction and take back one of them Braden Holtby or Anton Hudobin. Expect the unexpected, folks. We see it year after year. Toronto doesn’t have a lot of financial flexibility but is able to close deals and bring in talent when many thought they couldn’t. The league is full of teams willing to take a salary for a certain price, and if that helps get a deal done, Kyle Dubas and company won’t be shy about trying to get other teams involved.

This is a deal from Leafs Nation that I think will help them get to the Promised Land. The Maple Leafs acquired Klinberg, Pavelski and Holtby from the Stars in exchange for Hall, Engvar, Mrazek and potential Nick Robertson. The Maple Leafs will bring some serious talent to all three elements of their game and three 310-game players with Stanley Cup playoff experience. The Stars will receive four players with team control, including a top player, and the talent to avoid a complete rebuild and give them the option to retool.

To bring in talent, you have to pay, and the Maple Leafs have proven in the past that they are willing to pay at the trade deadline. The move last season didn’t work, but don’t expect Dubas to be shy. The Maple Leafs are all out again, and maybe we’ll see them play for the stars in early 2022.

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