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Manchester United fans clearly expressed Cristiano Ronaldo’s feelings at Stamford Bridge

Manchester United supporters make Cristiano Ronaldo's feelings clear at Stamford BridgeManchester United supporters made Cristiano Ronaldo’s feelings clear at Stamford Bridge

The Manchester United fans who participated in the club’s meeting with Chelsea tonight expressed their feelings about the decision to put Cristiano Ronaldo on the bench, and everyone saw it.

Full party

Currently, the Red Devils are certainly playing a Premier League match with the aforementioned Chelsea team.

After defeating Villarreal 2-0 in the Champions League this week, the team stabilized the team at least to a certain extent. Interim coach Michael Carrick turned his attention back to domestic affairs, hoping to Lead Manchester United out of trouble. Middle table.

Moreover, it is commendable that after 45 minutes of playing in West London, the visiting team has managed to give themselves a chance to participate in the game.

This was accompanied by the current scoreless score, a half-court dominated by Chelsea in possession, although they showed little in terms of clear opportunities in front of the goal.

So far, Antonio Rudiger is the closest to breaking the deadlock, rattling from the distance of David De Gea’s beam:

“Long live Ronaldo”

Although Manchester United has remained competitive at Stamford Bridge so far, it is clear that some people believe that by changing to the top, the chances of the Manchester giants having a real impact on Chelsea will be greatly improved.

Before the kick-off tonight, the main topic of the media was of course Michael Carrick’s shocking decision to put Cristiano Ronaldo on the bench.

Conversely, in a frank and lifeless performance, it is not surprising when the widespread singing of “Viva Ronaldo” begins to pass through the capital’s away stands:

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Premier League Table

# team Member of Parliament D phosphorus
1 Chelsea Football Club 12 26 29
2 Liverpool Football Club 13 28 28
3 Manchester City 12 19 26
4 West Ham United 12 9 twenty three
5 Arsenal Football Club 13 -2 twenty three
6 Wolverhampton Rangers 13 0 20
7 Tottenham Hotspur Football Club 12 -6 19
8 Brighton & Hove Albion 13 -2 18
9 Manchester United 12 -1 17
10 Crystal Palace 13 0 16
11 Aston Villa 13 -3 16
12 Everton 12 -3 15
13 Leicester City 12 -5 15
14 Southampton 13 -7 14
15 Brentford Football Club 12 -1 13
16 Watford Football Club 12 -4 13
17 Leeds United 13 -8 12
18 Burnley 12 -6 9
19 Norwich City 13 -20 9
20 Newcastle United 13 -14 6
player team Target
Salah, Muhammad Liverpool Football Club 11
Vardy, Jamie Leicester City 9
Mane, Sadio Liverpool Football Club 7
Jota Diogo Liverpool Football Club 7
Antonio, Mikhail West Ham United 6
Dennis, Emanuel Watford Football Club 5
King, Joshua Watford Football Club 5
Cornet, Maxwell Burnley 5
Rafinha Leeds United 5
Thrall, Ishmael Watford Football Club 5
James, Reese Chelsea Football Club 4
Fernandez, Bruno Manchester United 4
Gallagher, Connor Crystal Palace 4
Ronaldo, Cristiano Manchester United 4
Tony, Ivan Brentford Football Club 4
Smith Rowe, Emil Arsenal Football Club 4
Bentek, Christian Crystal Palace 4
Aubameyang, Pierre-Emerick Arsenal Football Club 4
Sun Xiangmin Tottenham Hotspur Football Club 4
Zaha, Wilfried Crystal Palace 4

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