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Manchester United arranges temporary heads for former Lyon and Roma coaches

Ed Woodward

Manchester United scramble

It was announced that the then Manchester United coach Solskjaer left the club on Sunday morning.

After Vicarage Road lost 4-1 to Watford’s dismal performance, his departure was necessary.

Although it feels like it has come too late, after experiencing a terrible state, Manchester United’s top management slipped from third to eighth in the top league. This was ultimately the only decision left to Manchester United’s top management, and is now behind the league leader. Sheep Chelsea scored 12 points.

However, in the following days, when the Red Devils were scrambling to find a new coach, the incompetence of those above Ole showed up in a way that was different from what Tottenham did in the summer. .

Mauricio Pochettino seemed to be their first choice, but after confirming that he had a great time in Paris, he was excluded, while Luis Enrique and Zidane Both Zinedine Zidane and Julien Lopetegui also excluded themselves from the campaign.

Enter, the next candidate.

Talk to Rudy Garcia

Although Michael Carrick won his first game as a caretaker boss, he is not expected to be a long-term supervisor. It is said that Boch is not at the negotiating table now, and Manchester United has returned to Plan A, appointing a temporary player until the end of the season.

Moreover, according to French media L’Equipe, that person is probably Rudi Garcia.

Garcia used to run Rome, as well as French clubs Lille, Marseille and Lyon, but left the latter after failing to win the Champions League last season.

Although not the most charming name, can he be the one who stabilizes Manchester United’s ship?

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Due to Manchester United’s interest, PSG closed rumors that Mauricio Pochettino had left the club in the middle of the season

Manchester United will take Ralph Rangnick as interim coach until the end of the season

Manchester United’s betting odds for the next match:

Manchester United’s latest video

Carrick: "Important results for players" | Villarreal 0-2 Manchester United | Champions LeagueCarrick: "Important results for players" | Villarreal 0-2 Manchester United | Champions League

Carrick: “Important results for players” | Villarreal 0-2 Manchester United | Champions League

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Carrick, De Gea and Lindelof react to key victory | Villarreal 0-2 Manchester United | University College LondonCarrick, De Gea and Lindelof react to key victory | Villarreal 0-2 Manchester United | University College London

Carrick, De Gea and Lindelof react to key victory | Villarreal 0-2 Manchester United | University College London

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Manchester United latest news

Premier League Table

# team Member of Parliament D phosphorus
1 Chelsea Football Club 12 26 29
2 Manchester City 12 19 26
3 Liverpool Football Club 12 twenty four 25
4 West Ham United 12 9 twenty three
5 Arsenal Football Club 12 -4 20
6 Wolverhampton Rangers 12 0 19
7 Tottenham Hotspur Football Club 12 -6 19
8 Manchester United 12 -1 17
9 Brighton & Hove Albion 12 -2 17
10 Crystal Palace 12 1 16
11 Everton 12 -3 15
12 Leicester City 12 -5 15
13 Southampton 12 -3 14
14 Brentford Football Club 12 -1 13
15 Aston Villa 12 -4 13
16 Watford Football Club 12 -4 13
17 Leeds United 12 -8 11
18 Burnley 12 -6 9
19 Norwich City 12 -20 8
20 Newcastle United 12 -12 6
player team Target
Salah, Muhammad Liverpool Football Club 11
Vardy, Jamie Leicester City 7
Mane, Sadio Liverpool Football Club 7
Antonio, Mikhail West Ham United 6
Jota Diogo Liverpool Football Club 5
Cornet, Maxwell Burnley 5
Rafinha Leeds United 5
Thrall, Ishmael Watford Football Club 5
Dennis, Emanuel Watford Football Club 4
James, Reese Chelsea Football Club 4
Fernandez, Bruno Manchester United 4
Gallagher, Connor Crystal Palace 4
Ronaldo, Cristiano Manchester United 4
King, Joshua Watford Football Club 4
Smith Rowe, Emil Arsenal Football Club 4
Bentek, Christian Crystal Palace 4
Aubameyang, Pierre-Emerick Arsenal Football Club 4
Sun Xiangmin Tottenham Hotspur Football Club 4
Zaha, Wilfried Crystal Palace 4
Firmino, Roberto Liverpool Football Club 4

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