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Manchester City attract attention after deal with unknown startup

Manchester City attract attention for dealing with shady startupsManchester City attract attention for dealing with shady startups

The start of the deal draws attention to Manchester City

After reaching an agreement with a little-known cryptocurrency startup, the current Premier League champions Manchester City once again attracted attention to their off-market financial transactions.

The company involved is called 3Key, and Stephen Cieplik, Senior Vice President of Sales for City Football Group’s Global Partners, welcomed the agreement;

“We are very happy to work with 3Key to simplify the user experience of decentralized finance (DeFi) transaction analysis through the power of football, and interact with our fans through a series of content and activities.”

But the investigation within the operation produced almost no results. According to The Guardian. 3Key in Seychelles has almost no digital footprint, and it is said that those who belong to the company level do not have any.

According to the Guardian, “Investigative reporter Martin Calladine launched an online hare race on Twitter on Monday when he accused people of looking for Hodder or other executives who had been As mentioned in the press release announcing 3Key’s entry into the “decentralized finance” market. After 48 hours, the closest piece of information to verification is a photo of a man with a ginger beard and a checkered suit. He may be too Probably not 3Key’s “Chief Growth Strategist” Jacob Caine.

That shady company Manchester City Now it is said to facilitate the transaction of digital assets such as cryptocurrency and NFT directly; irreplaceable tokens. Despite requests, Manchester City has not commented on the deal.

La Liga chairman blames urban financial doping

“Sovereign funds like Qatar can continue to inject capital without restrictions. This is abnormal. This will cause market inflation and allow indebted clubs to compete with other clubs despite heavy losses. Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City are doing it. It’s an economic stimulant.”

La Liga chairman Javier Tebas was not unceremonious when asked about his thoughts on the defeat of the UEFA Super League. A new attack on the club ownership model.

Manchester City attract attention for dealing with shady startupsManchester City attract attention for dealing with shady startups

At the end of the English Football Association Community Shield football match between Manchester City and Leicester City on August 7, 2021 at Wembley Stadium in North London, Manchester City’s British midfielder Jack Greerich applauded the fans. – – Not for marketing or advertising purposes/for editorial use only (Photo: Adrian DENNIS/AFP)/Not for marketing or advertising purposes/For editorial use only (Photo: ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP via Getty Images)

Although financial books paint a very different picture, Manchester City has been-perhaps right-at the forefront of criticisms about money controlling football and the club’s ability to spend money with the financial support of sovereign nations.

This was another shot at Manchester City after the Manchester City Club continued to achieve success on the court and used it to shape their brand. One extends to the global scope.

As football’s financial situation continues to be scrutinized in the direction-or direction-it seems to be ready, the deal with 3Key will certainly be closely watched, because people have to wonder if this is another trick for the club to stand idly by in ownership. Next, it seems to be focused on refining the rules as much as possible.

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