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Mana haters, prospects and more

In this issue of Toronto Maple Leafs news and rumors, I will report that the 2022 Traditional Classic is indeed scheduled and will be held soon. Secondly, I will talk about how Mitch Marner deals with so-called fans who are actively involved in making harsh comments about him.

Third, I will report on the Maple Leafs potential game in Traverse City, Michigan. Although the prospect lost the first game, there were a few games that performed well in the game and performed well in the development camp. Finally, I will look at some players I am really interested in watching, because the preparations for the 2021-22 regular season will begin soon.

Article 1: Inheritance of classics is happening in 2022

Yesterday, should NHL confirms Maple Leafs and Buffalo Sabres Will participate in the 2022 Traditional Classics. The game is scheduled to be held on March 13, 2022 and will be played at the Tim Hortons Stadium in Hamilton as an afternoon game.

The official logo of the 2016 Heritage Classic.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman announced: “We are pleased to announce that we will launch another Tim Hortons classic this season. When the Toronto Maple Leafs played in Hamilton’s When Mhortons Stadium meets the Buffalo Sabres, we will once again pay tribute to the Canadian team’s outstanding role in our game history, while continuing the long-term great competition of the NHL. In addition, by inviting the first American team to participate in Heritage Classic, we will celebrate the larger Golden Horseshoe region as the home of many Leafs and Sabres fans.”

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Good for Bateman (or his NHL staff) who provides information about the Hamilton area.

The second item: Mickey Mana tries to stop the “haters”

Two days ago, I Co-authored a post about Mitch Marner’s relationship Together with the fans of the Maple Leafs, the title was “Mitch Marner ran out of the belt with the fans of the Maple Leafs.” Wow, this post generated a lot of irony. When I read the comments, I can’t seem to get into the conversation in an enlightening way. This is the first time in a long time that I have chosen not to have too many conversations with readers.

Toronto Maple Leafs Mitch Marner Toronto Maple Leafs Alston Matthews
Toronto Maple Leafs right wing Mitchell Manner and Toronto Maple Leafs center Allston Matthews (Canadian Media/Nathan Dennett)

So when I read an article Luke Fox of Sportsnet wrote earlier today I am not surprised that Mana tried to stop the haters. In the article, Marner pointed out that Jumbo Joe Thornton helped him keep his mental state stable. As Fox pointed out, Mana is not trying to fight the emotions of the season — he admits he has — but to “drive them.”

Mana said that he is learning to block “haters” and I understand that these people exist. For this, he relies on his friends, family and teammates. In fact, it is no surprise that his relationship with teammate Alston Matthews is getting closer. As the number of doubters increased, the two young stars-Matthews and Mana-began to check each other regularly and provide advice to each other.

The two began to call each other regularly during the offseason to talk about hockey (as their craft) and their own personal lives. They share stories about the holidays, just as they share and watch clips of the offensive zone. They also give each other constructive criticism and jointly analyze situations in which they might help each other-whether on the ice or in their personal lives.

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As Marner pointed out, “Just make sure that the other person knows that we exist for each other.”

Both felt the pressure of playing in Toronto. In fact, both use the same language to describe the situation with fans. In fact, from the analysis of discourse (the language used by a person to describe events in life), it can be seen that both Matthews and Manner use the same language to describe their feelings.

As Mana said, “I didn’t really pay attention to it. This is outside noise. You can’t do anything about it.” Both called the fans what they called “outside noise.” You don’t need to have a PhD to deconstruct the meaning of this metaphor.

And, Manner pointed out, “I know what this will bring. I always know what this will bring. I have always wanted to stay here, and I have said it since the first day.” He wants to stay in Toronto. So he said now.

Whether you like him or not, you must win praise for Marner’s community involvement. Just this weekend, he will host the All-Star Invitational, which is an annual interactive fundraising event for youth. He held a charity dinner for that fundraising event last night.

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And, as Mana told reporters at the dinner: “The past is the past. We can’t do anything now. Everyone is ready…this is an exciting time.” Hope Mana stays excited.

Item 3: Potential customer’s game

Yesterday the prospect of the Columbus Blue Jackets defeated the Maples In the first game of the NHL Outlook Championship in Traverse City, Michigan, the Leaves led 4-3 in overtime. The Maple Leafs prospect led by two goals, but the Blue Jackets prospect won in overtime.

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The prospective scorer for the Maple Leafs is Alex Steves, who continues his strong camp. Semyon Der-Arguchintsev, he doesn’t have a particularly strong camp, so it’s nice to see him score a goal; Also, Matt Herrickson, he is a young defensive player who was selected by the New Jersey Devils, but from Did not sign with them. Hellickson and Steeves play together at Notre Dame Cathedral. In fact, I am studying an article by Hellickson for publication soon.

What’s next for Maple Leaf?

I think I am always an optimist, but I am starting to really look forward to training camps and regular seasons. Some of the players I’m really interested in are Nick Robertson, who is ready to play in the NHL, but may not; Steves who looks like a player; and Der-Arguchintsev, since he played with Robertson and Peterborough Petes That aroused my interest.

Semyon Der-Arguchintsev, Peterborough Petes, SDA, OHL
Semyon Der-Arguchintsev and Peterborough Petes (CHL Images)

I am also very interested in watching Hayley Wickenheiser’s work. So far, this development camp is the first time I really see her former center, she behaves like a star. I found her to be a very interesting leader. Even better, she is respected by young players.

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