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Make swing changes to the course

A few key points:

Level 1

  • Technical, slow, tedious and thoughtful

  • Ball on the tee

  • Feel the post

  • Add a pause in the action

  • A lot of rehearsal

  • Softly tap a small lens

level 2

  • Fusion rhythmically

  • Slow motion without any pause

  • The tee starts on the tee, and then we put it on the ground

  • Lots of rehearsals between each shot

  • Shooting won’t go very far

Level 3

  • Start at about 3/4 speed

  • Ball on the ground

  • Slowly build to 100% speed

  • Rehearse between each shot

Remember, any goal Technology swing work Is to upgrade the mechanism while still fully operational, or even, Faster speed. It is also important to note that this Practice method Only solve the technical aspects. In order to bring it to the course, there are more requirements, which is why I often talk about…

swing, Skill & shooting.

Thank you for listening, please share with friends who you know will benefit!

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