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Lionel Messi finally left Paris Saint-Germain in the Ligue 1 after the trademark strike

Video: When Lionel Messi broke the Ligue 1 duck with a trademark strike, Prince Park broke out

Messi finally fell behind in France

The wait is over, ladies and gentlemen.

Lionel Messi (Lionel Messi) finally scored his first place in the Ligue 1 in the Paris Saint-Germain team defeated the visiting Nantes 3-1 at the Parc des Princes in the French capital tonight. Goals.

Like many goals before the legendary Argentine striker, this is a The iconic hit made him stand out on the scoring list.

Messi lined up on the right side of the fantasy top three, which also included the French Nova Kylian Mbappé And the sensation in Brazil-and close friends- Neymar As Parisian Seeking further separation between themselves and the second-ranked Goofy RC Lens, they are now 13 points behind PSG before the visit to the last three threatening Stade Brestois.

Is the Argentine idol back to its best condition?

This is Lionel Messi’s 21st attempt to open an account in the domestic arena this season. Considering his position in the game, this is almost anyone’s start.

As the club’s large-scale financial crisis became the headline news throughout the summer, after he left Barcelona in shock in the summer, Messi dealt with the problems of injuries and the continuous recruitment of the Argentine national team in the crowded schedule involving the world. CONMEBOL Cup qualifiers.

To say that he has barely been at his best this season is quite an understatement, but he has shown bright signs in the PSG patch, especially in the Champions League.

Video: When Lionel Messi broke the Ligue 1 duck with a trademark strike, Prince Park broke outVideo: When Lionel Messi broke the Ligue 1 duck with a trademark strike, Prince Park broke out

Marseille, France-October 24: Lionel Messi of Paris Saint-Germain at the Ligue 1 between Marseille and Paris Saint-Germain at the Orange Velodrome in Marseille, France on October 24, 2021 Appeared in the Uber Eats game. (Photo: Xavier Laine/Getty Images)

In the second game, he opened his entire club account in a 2-0 victory over Manchester City at home, and redoubled his efforts on the following game day to play against Bundesliga team Leipzig (RB Leipzig) at home. A key goal was scored in the game. It narrowly won 3-2.

But throughout the season, the Barcelona legend has been quiet before his shots in the Ligue 1 league. He has only played five times before, four of which were in the starting lineup.

Now that he has interrupted his duck, PSG fans all over the world hope that the real Lionel Messi can continue to stand up.

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