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Lemieux of the Kings has reached new heights this season

this Los Angeles Kings Now that they have lost four games in a row, fans have little room for optimism.However, there is one thing that makes fans ecstatic, and that is The fourth line of play, special Brendan LemieuxAfter being traded last season, he failed to impress in the eyes of most people, and people have questions about his position in the lineup. After a brief stay on the COVID-19 roster at the beginning of the season, he consolidated his position in the lineup with outstanding performance. He recently scored 5 points in the past six games.After being Very picky about him Before the season starts, I want to praise him and discuss how much he has improved this season compared to last season.

Lemieux 2020-21

Last season the Kings sought some courage in the market and found their candidate in Le Mieuil.After a difficult time with the New York Rangers, they sent him away Fourth round pickFor this deal, the Kings fans are not too excited, but no one is too frustrated. They are trading a final round pick in exchange for someone who might only play half of their game.

Brendan Lemieux and the New York Rangers (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

Lemieux played in 18 games for the team and did not perform well. He has four points, and considering his role, this is not the end of the world, but a black hole to hold the ball. He has a Corsi percentage (CF%) of 39.9% and a Fenwick percentage (FF%) of 42.1%, which means that the Kings were severely suppressed and defeated by him on the ice. He played very physically, but making a lot of hits alone is not enough to keep you in the lineup, especially when you have a negative impact on all other statistics. The bad game last season made many fans question whether he was on the Kings roster this season (many fans would be good to see him being dropped to support the prospects).

Lemieux’s season so far

Lemieux performed well in the preseason and earned a spot on the opening night roster, performing well in the team’s 6-2 victory over the Vegas Golden Cavaliers. He was then included on the COVID-19 list and missed the next six games, all of which were lost. He returned to the team’s 5-2 victory over the Montreal Canadiens and has never looked back since. For the bottom six of the team, he has some inspiration, they have been struggling in the six games he has missed. His physical fitness is obvious because the Kings are one of the teams with the highest hit rate in the league, averaging 21.65 hits and 26.15 hits per game. He averaged nearly 3 hits per game. Although he only played 12 games, his number of hits has ranked second in the team. In a team that lacked sandpaper in the lineup, he provided much-needed sandpaper.

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Of course, I just mentioned that taking a lot of hits is not enough to keep you in the lineup. This is where he has improved from last season. He had a clear positive impact in the 5 vs. 5 game and can be said to be the best player in the last six of the team. His four goals put him fourth on the team and surpassed any other player in the bottom six. He also significantly improved his ball possession rate, 58.3 CF% and 56.8 FF%In his career, these two statistics have never exceeded 50%, which is a huge improvement. Add a +5 rating and a positive expected goal percentage, and you have a player who provides the team with huge room for improvement. Entering this season, I can’t imagine what to say. He is also one of the best penalty kick players in the league, which helps make up for his occasional disciplinary errors.

Brendan Lemieux Los Angeles Kings
Brendan Lemieux, Los Angeles Kings (Photo: Andrew D. Bernstein/NHLI via Getty Images)

It is worth noting that many of his figures are unsustainable. He is now shooting 25% from the field and shooting at a rate of 27 goals in 82 games. This will not last. He is unlikely to score anywhere close to 20 goals this season, but he does not need to. If he can score double-digit goals in the 2021-22 season and even reach a career-high 12 goals, then this will be a brilliant season for him. Before the NHL, he had been a scorer at all levels, scoring 41 goals in a season in the Ontario Hockey League and 19 goals in the American Hockey League. He has shown some talent this season and has some very good goals. Now, he has added some much-needed physical fitness and perseverance to the lineup, while also providing a positive impact on the offensive end. If he can continue this game, he will be the steal of the fourth round pick and should be re-signed in the next offseason.

Early candidate for the most improved player

I can’t think of any player on the Kings roster that has improved more this season than last season. He has grown from someone who sometimes looks like a cumbersome, you can easily give up and become an irreplaceable part of the team’s fourth line. The fourth row has also been improved overall.Coach Todd McClellan mentioned in the offseason that the fourth line must be better, they can’t Give up motivation frequently This season. They did this this season and did more, proving to have a lasting impact on the team. Lemieux has always been at the center of this success, with Blake Lizot And Arthur Kaliev. The combination of Lizotte and Lemieux is particularly good, and I think they will be the main force in the fourth line throughout the season.

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