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Lara Tennant won the U.S. Senior Women’s Amateur Championship for the third time in a row

Alabama is sunny-on Thursday, Lara Tennant (Lara Tennant) defeated the seven-time U.S. Golf Association champion 2-1 in the Lakewood Club’s championship game postponed by the rain Ellen Port (Ellen Port), won the United States Senior Women’s Amateur Championship for the third time in a row.

Tennant, a 54-year-old from Portland, Oregon, took the lead on the last nine holes of Dogwood Stadium, when Porter missed the green on the 12th hole of par 5 and 14 of par 4 holes. They bogeyed on the 15th hole and hit par on the next two holes to end the game.

Tennant’s only loss in the American Senior Women’s Amateur was her first game in 2017. She won in 2018 and 2019, and the championship was cancelled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She will try to join Carol Semple Thompson (Carol Semple Thompson), becoming the only player to win the Senior Women’s Amateur Championship four times in a row.

“I like that trophy. It’s so beautiful. It has been in my house for a while, because of the COVID and the victories of the previous two years, so I am a little attached to it,” Tennant said. “It will be placed at the front entrance. It has been three years now, as a beautiful reminder of how lucky I am.”

Port St. Louis tries to join Jack Nicklaus JoAnne Carner won her eighth USGA championship. She lost only the second time in the USGA Championship finals.

Porter and Tennant were partners in the U.S. Women’s Amateur Four Ball game earlier this year.


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