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Lapierre, McMichael and Fehervary of the Washington Capitals are the key to a quick start

For the 2021 rookie class of the Washington Capitals, this is a good two weeks. The young wizard Hendrix Lapierre scored in his debut. Future defensive player Martin Fehervary also added a hockey puck to his collection. He scored his first NHL goal against the New Jersey Devils. Connor McMichael It also left a deep impression on people, and contributed two assists in the cap team’s 7-5 defeat of the Ottawa Senators.

The players on the Washington roster also performed well. Alex Ovechkin is as prolific as ever. TJ Och There have been four goals and one assist. Believe it or not, Tom Wilson leads the team to provide assistants because he has seven people to start this year.

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For a team without a star center, Nicholas Baxstrom, Of course the capital is in a good place.

Peter Ravellot’s team started the season 4-0-2. This is a good start, and emerging talents in the capital have played an important supplementary role. If Washington’s status is to be maintained, their rookies must continue to inspire – and it seems they will.

Lapierre’s debut goal sparked a rookie boom

The Calder Qualification Gold Rush in Washington began on opening night, when Lapierre lit the lights in the game against the New York Rangers. “I knew it when I called [for] puck, [Oshie] I was going to pass it to me, I was lucky,” Stone Said“I just put the hockey puck on the net.”

Fortunately, for Lapierre and Caps more broadly, the hockey puck slipped in, and the rest is history.

Hendrix Lapierre’s debut goal gave the Washington Capitals a 3-0 lead over the New York Rangers.

“He is a young child, he may not be admitted right away, but you enter the training camp, you work hard, you work hard to form a team, after Nick started accepting IR, the door opened, we need someone to strengthen ,” La Villette says The role of Lapierre.

Canadians certainly do. Through the three games that started this season, Lapierre has not appeared out of place on the roster of the Capitals. He injected young energy into Ravellot’s third line, while playing with the discipline of a forward who surpassed his age.

Although it is unlikely that Lapierre will spend the entire season in Washington – CBA rules will make him come back Will soon participate in Quebec’s main youth hockey league-his influence on and under the ice will be lasting. He will become a full-time captain in the next few years.

Connor McMichael: Standoff work in progress

Another first-round rookie in Washington, born in Ontario, also performed well. McMichael is still waiting for his first NHL goal-but it will definitely come soon. In the four games at the beginning of the season, the 20-year-old center contributed two assists and two free throws. But he has always been lively.

“He played a very smart game, a strong game, they controlled a lot of the game, they had the ball, they did some good things,” La Villette says McMichael’s performance against New Jersey. “As the game progressed, he got better.”

Conor McMichael, Washington Capitals
Connor McMichael, Washington Capital ( Three American Silver /Washington Hockey Now)

and, McMichael will continue to improvee Because his basic figures are good. His average time on the ice (TOI) this season is 12 minutes and 02 seconds, and he has recorded 9 shots in 15 attempts. One area that Canadians are most concerned about is confrontation. Of the 40 draws he participated in in the 2021-22 season, he only won 15 games.

Once McMichael progresses in the circle, the idea of ​​disparaging him will disappear.

Martin Fehervary is already very comfortable in the top four of the Capitals

On the back end, Martin Fehervary of Slovakia had a great rookie year. He has always been a regular in the Washington lineup, scoring two points (one goal, one assist) in six appearances. In addition, although most of his starts are in the defensive zone, he has adapted well to the top four roles.

Since the start of the season, Fehervary’s TOI has increased, from 17:55 against the Rangers to 20:34 against the Devils peaking. The hope star of the Slovak Winter Olympics entered the season and dreamed of cracking Ravilot’s roster. Two weeks after the campaign, his performance made him a key player.

Take his goal against the Calgary Flames as an example.

Martin Fehevari hovered behind Tom Wilson, waiting for the pass, and then scoring the first goal of his NHL career.

When Washington soared on the ice, Fehervary stayed in the game and expected a pass. Once this is done, he cuts in from the right and shoots into the net as cleverly as a veteran.

“I feel more confident in every game,” Fehvari says Said to the reporter of the First Capital Gymnasium. “I played for a lot of minutes. I’m really happy every time I get a chance, I’m trying to do these little things well. Compete, work hard, fight.”‘

Fehervary is now an NHLer and he will not return to minors.

The capital’s rookies are commendable for their early influence

The capital is progressing well. Ravellot’s star performed well, The team’s scoring ability has improved, Washington’s rookies began to fulfill their promises.

Backstrom’s return from injury will complicate matters for McMichael and Lapierre-but Fehvari will stay.Although Washington’s 22-year-old guard receives less attention than his other rookies, he is this The young player is worth watching because his role is very important.

Unlike McMichael and Lapierre temporarily joining the team to replace Beckstrom, Fehvari’s promotion is permanent. The Capitals knew they needed someone to fill Brenden Dillon’s skates during the preseason game. Their Slovak blue liner has.

Capital fans should be encouraged by their team’s quick start to the season. Not only because Washington’s stars perform well, but also because the organization’s rookies are a breath of fresh air. It may last a long time.

Picture: Luke James

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