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Kristoffer Broberg of Sweden on the European Tour continues to win the Dutch Open

Swedish Christopher Broberg After hitting a par 72 in the final round at the Bernardus Golf Course in Kromwater, the Netherlands, he won a three-shot victory at the KLM Open on Sunday.

Broberg’s victory looked like a formality, because he shot eight shots at the start of the game, but the 35-year-old was struggling with rhythm, playing on the third, twelfth and fourteenth holes. The hole bogeyed and finally finished the game with a score of 23 under par.

Matthias SchmidHe made five birdies on the first nine holes and looked ready to catch up with Broberg, but he swallowed a double bogey on the par-3 on the 13th hole and the German paid the price. He ended up with a sub-par He won the second place with a score of 6 and 66.

Spanish Alejandro CanizaresHe caught 8 birdies on the last day, but was eliminated by a double bogey on the 18th and finished third with an under-par score of 18.


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