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Klopp and Nagelsman condemn FIFA’s biennial World Cup plan

Jurgen Klopp seems to know why FIFA is so determined to win World Cup support every two years, and he is not satisfied with the obvious economic motives.

“In the end,” the Liverpool coach said on Friday, “it’s all for money, that’s it.”

In Germany, Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann is also worried about the impact on FIFA’s flagship event if the frequency doubles.

Nagelsman said: “I don’t like this situation. On the one hand, it will affect the overload of the players and devalue the World Cup. If it is held more frequently, its meaning will be different.”

This is the type of dissent that Wenger did not emphasize during FIFA’s so-called consultation process published to the media this week. The former Arsenal coach, as the head of FIFA’s global football development, is advancing a vision that is so relevant to the two current great coaches.

Klopp is a respected figure in FIFA. When he was awarded the Men’s Coach of the Year Award by Wenger, he was commended by the governing body.

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Klopp said: “I’m sure there is no other sport in the world with such a ruthless calendar, no sports.”

“There are more demanding sports in the world, such as track and field, marathons, and of course there are all kinds of things. But they don’t run 20, 30 or 40 times a year. Of course they don’t. Other sports don’t have this calendar. .

“We all know why this happened. No matter what people say, it is to provide opportunities for different countries. This is why we have more teams in the World Cup.” But in the end Klopp took these political arguments into perspective. For the mask of trying to create more cash for FIFA.

“That’s great,” he said. “We did this not because of money, but because we love it. That’s why we started it, and of course we also got a lot of money.

“But in the end, someone must start to understand that if there are no players-the most important factor in this wonderful game-we can’t play, that’s the way it is… No one is more important than a player.” As a nominal consultation As part of the process, FIFA sent former players to Qatar this week.

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The great Brazilian Ronaldo, former Danish goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel and Australian record scorer Tim Cahill were called up to participate in a press conference in support of changing the four-year cycle since the first World Cup in 1930. But this kind of explicit support is less obvious movement among active figures.

“There are a lot of schedules, more and more, sometimes difficult to control,” Nagelsman said.

“We must all, especially in Germany and Bayern, try to stay within a reasonable financial range. If we have more and more games, whether it is domestic or international, then the team must become bigger and bigger. , You have a cost explosion. All of this must be capped. It’s not that simple.”

Wenger believes that the top priority of FIFA is to reduce player travel, reduce interference with the club, and provide more meaningful matches for young talents all over the world.

The current system-which usually sees European players taking long flights home during short breaks in national team matches throughout the season-may be replaced by fewer qualifying matches in October. The international competition will be held in June every year.

It is unclear whether more regular World Cups are needed to introduce the mandatory 25-day holiday envisaged for players before rejoining the club.

Nagelsman said: “I think the torrent of this game does not mean that the quality of a single game is better, but worse. I think that if football becomes less attractive, then the funds will eventually flow. Reduce.”

“People don’t spend so much time watching TV. If other things on TV are obviously more interesting than football, because the players…can’t run anymore, it will not do us any good.”

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