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Keith Youngdle: Continue to ship

Eric Hartline-USA Today Sports

When it comes to forward thinking, Keith Yandle is definitely a person who begs for forgiveness rather than permission.

Even if he knew a promise a few weeks in advance, he was notorious for not letting people know it until the last minute, which sometimes made him very popular at the table. For the past five years, his wife has been trying to get him to use the calendar on his mobile phone, but her efforts in this regard have failed. This is just one of many ways Yandle scrolls. “Even when I was a child, if I knew that I was going to spend the night a week in advance, I would tell my parents about it the night before,” he said. “Even for trivial things like kids taking piano lessons. I would rather know that morning than the week before, and figure it out when it arrives. I always live only one day at a time, and it looks pretty good.”

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