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Kane Williamson: The schedule is challenging, but I am happy to be back to play cricket

The Indian World Test Championship kicked off in Green Park just three days after the three T20 international series between the participating teams. On Wednesday, Indian captain Ajinkya Rahane and his New Zealand captain Kane Williamson both stated that their team’s preparations for the important two test series were satisfactory, but Williamson also frankly referred to the cricket schedule as “with challenge”.

“The schedule after the World Cup is very challenging,” Williamson said at a virtual press conference.

“I think it’s quite challenging in these times to have content and schedules that we all like. It’s a bit like something beyond our control. But we are all lucky to play international cricket here. In India and here. Playing cricket is one of the most special things people can do,” he said.

“It’s always a special thing to go back to test cricket. Of course, for those who only play the test format, it has been a while, and it’s really exciting to return to training camp. It has been a while since then. [World Test Championship] The final is a special memory, but we know that we are facing a very strong team. They are strong under these conditions, so the challenge is a huge challenge, but we look forward to meeting this challenge,” he said.

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Shreyas Iyer will make his debut in the first test against New Zealand

Williamson has no doubt that rotation will play an important role in both tests. “I am sure that the rotating component will be a clear factor throughout the series, and I am sure that here in Kanpur is no exception. We are part of the last test here in 2016. Something has changed; this will It’s about assessing these conditions as soon as possible and trying to make adjustments quickly,” he said.

These adjustments will need to be given the role of his sewing machine and spinning machine. The left-arm fast bowler Neil Wagner played bowling in the hot afternoon for a while, but considering the possible nature of the wicket—low ​​and slow—whether he needs to modify his hitting style to suit The team’s requirements? “The spin factor will be there, and Ajaz [Patel] In this case, Will Somerville will play an important role in our bowling offense. If there is a reverse swing, it will also play an important role in seam bowling, and it is also important to try to come up with some creative ways to get the wicket. Therefore, the sealer and the spinner will definitely play a role,” Williamson said.

Great opportunity for young people-Rahane

India will play without three first-team players-Willat Kolly, Rohit Sharma, Rishab Pant and KL Rahul (injured)-without making New Zealand a series The favorites of the game, Williamson and Lahaen felt that they also reiterated their confidence in the team’s substitute players.

“We will definitely miss all these people. For all the young people who participate in the competition, whoever has the opportunity, we will support ourselves so that they can freely compete. Rahul bhai (Rahul Dravid) supports everyone. This team is to Support everyone. For young people, this is a good opportunity to make an impact tomorrow,” he said.

Ajinkya Rahane. – Hindus

Rahane did not suggest too much about the team’s combination, announcing that Shreyas Iyer, the batsman of the Mumbai and Delhi Capitals team, will make their debut. “We are not sure about the team composition. But in India, the orbit of rotation usually remains low and slow. We look forward to this, but we don’t know how the wicket will perform,” he said.

Rahane will be one of India’s two outstanding players hitting at Green Park-the other is Cheteshwar Pujara-and he will be reviewed when he tries to restore his batting form. Rahane’s average score in 11 tests this year is only 19.57, and only half a century in 19 innings.

In his typical way, Rahane ignored his concerns about how he hits the ball. Rahane revealed the message that Dravid had passed to Pujara and himself. He said: “He told us to support our skills and keep it simple, and don’t worry too much about the lack of running. For Pujara and I, we know our game plan. We are. Played for so many years. It’s all about keeping it simple and supporting ourselves.”

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