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Kane Williamson breaks silence on New Zealand’s decision to withdraw from the Pakistan Tour

Just an hour before the first ODI Pakistan with new Zealand In Rawalpindi on Friday, the New Zealand Cricket Team (NZC) decided to abandon the tournament after receiving a security alert from the government.

NZC stated that the safety of players is the most important, but some Former and current Pakistani cricketers believe that this decision may affect future visits by international teams to their country.

The New Zealand captain also responded Kane WilliamsonCurrently participating in the remaining season of IPL 2021 in the UAE, it is hoped that Blackcaps’ cancellation of the Pakistan Tour will not have a lasting impact on the hosts.

“They are obviously over there, ready to go to the ground. This is a sudden occurrence. I certainly hope that it will not have a lasting impact, because it is a special place for cricket, and seeing cricket return to Pakistan and A lot of progress has been made to play safely there. We have seen this happen many times, so hopefully there will be more cricket there,” “Sports Star” quoted Williamson as saying.

Williamson further clarified that the decision to withdraw was not made by the player alone, but made after consultation with the government.

“You want to play the game in all countries. This is an international competition and the whole world is passionate about it, especially in Pakistan. It’s really exciting to see this series back there, and I know our team is looking forward to it. It. The safety of players is the most important thing, and when you hear news from the government, it must be on the players’ heads,” Williamson added.

“I don’t know the details [of pullout]This was a sudden call, but obviously, it was a real shame. Pakistan’s cricket is an amazing thing, and it is well supported. There is so much enthusiasm there, and I think these people will be frustrated by not starting and participating in the entire series. But I am not sure about the details because I am attending IPL in Dubai. In the next few days, I will learn more about it. “

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